Super rib: Cantieri Magazzù Mx 14 Classic

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Ranieri Cayman 38.0 Executive
15 July 2019
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15 July 2019
Magazzu Mx 14 classic

Magazzù MX 14 Classic

Magazzu Mx 14 classicRenato Magazzù, shipyard manager: “We offer: discreet colours, minimalist lines, no muscular excess. Then there are many technical and functional contents, even in the interiors. And attention to ever larger sizes”. For the Magazzù MX 14 Classic there are two cabins and a convertible dinette for up to six beds. Inboard engines and maximum speed 45 knots.

Technical data Magazzù Mx 14 Classic

  • Loa: 14.00m;
  • b.max: 4.80m;
  • displ: n.d.;
  • max engine power; 2x600hp;
  • max. pax: n.d

Shipyards Magazzù

magazzu_mx14classicMagazzù is a name active in pleasure boating and passengers from the 60’s with raids in various other fields including aerospace. The maxi rib of Magazzù, nine models from nine to 18 meters long, are the typical manifestation of Sicilian elegance. Clean lines, discreet colors and no aesthetic scream. Predilection for inboard and hull propulsion with great marine qualities with top speeds above 45 knots, for larger models, up to 60 for the smallest.


From 7,90 m 

From 11,00 m

From 14,11 m

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