Super rib: Capelli Tempest 50

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15 July 2019
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15 July 2019
Il Capelli Tempest 50


Il Capelli Tempest 50

The Capelli Tempest 50 is an incredible super dinghy. Its creator, Umberto Capelli, summarizes it in a few words as follows: “Speed and adrenaline. Low centre of gravity that, together with the floats, helps to give stability in navigation and at anchor, a condition that even ladies like very much. The space on deck is not the same on any traditional boat of the same size, despite the cabin with dinette inside. Yamaha outboard motorization,” he says.

Scheda tecnica Capelli Tempest 50

  • Loa: 14.80m;
  • b.max; 4.30m;
  • displ: 9.00 t;
  • max. engine power: 4x425HP;
  • max pax: 18

Capelli Tempest 50Capelli Boatyard

Capelli, with its approximately 1000 units produced, all with floats in Hypalon and not in PVC, and 300 employees on two production sites (one in Tunisia, under direct control and Italian management) is the main Italian producer, with 83% of production destined for the foreign market. 28 models for pleasure boating, from the Tempest 50 with its 15 meters long, up to the small Tempest Easy 425. There is also a range designed for recreational boats, two lines of tenders and professional models.


From 7,90 m 

From 11,00 m

From 14,11 m

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