Super rib: Lomac GranTurismo 10.5

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Super rib: Capelli Tempest 50
15 July 2019
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15 July 2019
Lomac GranTurismo 10.5

Lomac GranTurismo 10.5

Lomac GranTurismo 10.5The Lomac GranTurismo 10.5 replicates in a more compact measure the characteristics of its larger sister GranTurismo 13.5. Fabrizio Lomanto, the owner of the shipyard, explains: “as dynamic as an Adrenaline, but with solutions for the family as the highest tubulars to provide more protection, large console that incorporates a sleeping cabin”. Large sunbathing area in the bow and, aft, motorised table for nine people that can be converted into a solarium by integrating the sofa that closes the cockpit. Outboard motors.

Technical data Joker Boats Clubman 30

  • Loa: 9.50m;
  • b.max; 3.28m;
  • displ: 2.50 t;
  • max. engine power: 2x400HP;
  • max pax: 18

Lomac GranTurismo 10.5Lomac boatyard

The Lo Manto family, founder and current head of the Lomac shipyard, is part of the evolved craftsmanship that developed in the Milan area and contributed to the worldwide success of Italian inflatable boats. At the beginning of the 80’s it was the first one to equip its boats with a rigid fibreglass hull, replacing the straw. Today it has an offer of 58 models divided into eight lines that also include models for fishing and tender. Among the characteristics of the Lomac, the almost exclusive choice of outboard motors, even for the largest models that reach 14 meters.


From 7,90 m 

From 11,00 m

From 14,11 m

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