Super rib: Novamarine Black Shiver 220 E-Motion 32
Super rib: Mar.Co E-Motion 32
15 July 2019
Nuova Jolly Prince 25: un piccolo grande gommone
Super rib: Nuova Jolly Prince 25
15 July 2019
Novamarine Black Shiver 220

Novamarine Black Shiver 220

Amazing numbers for the Black Shiver 220: 22 meters of length, 50 knots of top speed and 32 knots of cruising speed (with Rolls Royce Kamewa jet engines). The layout includes aft and forward sun pads, one or two cabins, one bathroom, a galley and a crew zone. The steering console is extremely appealing and fully-equipped.

Scheda tecnica: Novamarine Black Shiver 220

  • Loa: 22.00m;
  • b.max: 5.90m;
  • displ: n.d.
  • max engine power: 1900hp;
  • max. pax: 30

The credit of the existence and of the increasingly more important success of maxi Ribs largely goes to this Sardinian company that, already in 1999, proposed the HD Seventeen, a 17-meter boat that bewitched the designer Roberto Cavalli. Today its offer is always oriented towards large dimensions, the smallest of his products for recreational boating measuring seven meters, the largest 24. Three recreational lines: two with foam floats; a tender line; and a range of professional products.

From 7,90 m 

From 11,00 m

From 14,11 m

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