Super rib: Pirelli Tecnorib 1400 Sport

Super rib: Sacs Rebel 47
15 July 2019
Zar Formenti 95 SL
Super rib: Zar Formenti 95 SL
15 July 2019
Pirelli Tecnorib 1400

Pirelli Tecnorib 1400

“Simplicity and comfort are the fruit of a great investment in design, engineering and building. The Tecnorib 1400 Sport is a product with sexy lines, made by the most genuine Italian skills, with a top speed of over 60 knots and wide exteriors”, says Gianni de Bonis, CEO of Tecnorib.

Scheda tecnica: Scanner 1100HT

  • Loa: 11.00m;
  • b.max: 3.60m;
  • displ: nd;
  • max engine power 750hp;
  • max. pax: 18

Pirelli by Tecnorib
Pirelli inflatable boats were already sold in the 40s and they have been the leaders of yachting for almost 60 years. Today, the brand is entrusted to Tecnorib, which, since 2005, has given new life to the name, investing in technology and designers to produce attractive Ribs with great performance (hulls with redan and inboard engine) and aimed at the medium-high end of the market with models ranging from 7.70 to 19 meters.


From 7,90 m 

From 11,00 m

From 14,11 m

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