Super rib: Sacs Rebel 47

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15 July 2019
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15 July 2019

The traditional Sacs power meets the comfort of a cruiser in the Rebel 47. Space arrangement is great and does not compromise neither performance nor safety. “D-shape” floats are made of foam and Hypalon for great floating and anti-collision capabilities. Engines can be I/O, outboard or inboard.

Scheda tecnica Rebel 47

  • Loa: 14.10m;
  • b.max: 4.35m;
  • displ: 10.5t;
  • max engine power 1120hp;
  • max. pax: 18

Whoever chooses Sacs is someone who is not afraid of having his eyes on him. Aggressive and fast, the models built by the Brianza-based shipyard range from seven to 20 meters in length. The brand offers two standard product lines compeltely adaptable in the stylistic choices: Strider, with four models, and the two Rebels, with more pronounced internal volumes, bow window and foam floats. Numerous custom models and unique pieces.


From 7,90 m 

From 11,00 m

From 14,11 m

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