Super rib: Scanner 1100HT

Super rib: Nuova Jolly Prince 25
15 July 2019
Super rib: Pirelli Tecnorib 1400 Sport
15 July 2019

The Scanner Envy 1100 HT is a 11-meter open with unique features, such as the steel- framed T-top, high windshield, a small deck house with distinctive sporty lines and a well-hidden cabin. Power come from inboard engines.

Scheda tecnica: Scanner 1100HT

  • Loa: 11.00m;
  • b.max: 3.60m;
  • displ: nd;
  • max engine power 750hp;
  • max. pax: 18

Scanner was born in 2001 even if the first Scanner models date back to 1993. A niche product, refined in finishes and solutions. Today, the shipyard offers five lines and 37 models, including tenders and special models. It focuses on products with minimal or no cabins, sterndrive engines and increasingly larger models. SuperOcean is the ultimate range with boats with the taste of rib in the exteriors and of motoryachts inside.

From 7,90 m 

From 11,00 m

From 14,11 m

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