Suzuki 150 horsepower outboard: the medium engine for those thinking big


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Suzuki outboard 150 horsepower
Outboard Suzuki 150 – Suzuki DF 150 AP

The big trend in recent years in marine engines is undoubtedly the outboard. Outboard motors are not all the same; on the contrary. Do you know which ones are the most popular? Medium-power outboards that can be used for a large number of purposes. We can say that they are the gateway to the world of high performance. Today we look at the Suzuki 150-horsepower DF 150 outboard.

Suzuki outboard 150 horsepower

The Suzuki 150 hp 4-stroke outboards are the Suzuki DF 150 AP and DF 150A and are part of a market segment that is experiencing a great deal of growth. Today, more powerful, more versatile (and fuel-efficient) engines are sought. We can say that these Suzuki outboard engines are the best-selling in terms of numbers, together with the DF175, a slightly more powerful model.


The structure of the Suzuki DF 150 AP

At 110 kW (150 HP), this 150-hp outboard has the same 2,867-cc in-line 4-stroke 4-cylinder thermal unit as the 175-horsepower Suzuki. By virtue of its large displacement it is called “Big Block” by the Japanese shipyard. What is the purpose of this conspicuous cubage? Because of this, mid-range outboards such as the Suzuki 150 have a high compression ratio of 10.2:1, which allows for higher torque especially in the low and mid-range. The advantage is all in the adrenaline-fueled but still safe acceleration.


Electronic gear and throttle throttles on suzuki 150 hp 4-stroke outboard

Using drive-by-wire technology on the Suzuki 150-hp outboard and its 175-hp twin, the gear and throttle throttles are linked to the powertrain electronically. No longer with cables then and mechanical systems, but a simple electric wire. Thus every impulse given to the throttle is faithfully fed back to the actuators found in the engine, acting on the gearbox and throttle. In this way, control over the machine is optimal, making it easy to quickly find a pace that is the best compromise between speed and fuel economy.


Combustion in the Suzuki 150 hp outboard

To further boost performance, each engine is equipped with the Semi-Direct Air Intake System. This brings a constant flow of fresh air to the thermal unit, which improves combustion. For this purpose, an oxygen sensor and an overhead knock sensor have also been incorporated into the system, which increases engine durability.

Combustion is then optimized for each engine speed thanks to the lean burn system called Suzuki Lean Burn. On this type of Suzuki 4-stroke outboard, the technology allows automatic adjustment of the air/fuel mixture leading to gasoline savings of up to 16 percent. How does it take place? By increasing the amount of oxygen, the comburent, and simultaneously reducing that of the fuel, gasoline. Saving for the pocket and helping the environment.


Suzuki DF 150 propeller: that cool thing about the selective foot

Powerful outboard motors run on larger boats and often in multiple engines. If there are two or more outboards, it is necessary for the propellers to turn in a balanced way. The problem is that one has to request already from the manufacturer one engine with the direction of rotation to the right and the other with the direction of rotation to the left. For Suzuki outboards this is not the case: one and the same outboard can operate in each direction of rotation, without having to work on the mechanics.

Suzuki 150A outboard

The choice is made at the time of installation, simply by intervening with an electrical jumper in a special connector located under the cover grille of the thermal unit. With a 5-minute intervention, the direction can be changed making the engine more resalable as well.


Digital instrumentation of Suzuki 150 hp outboards

These outboard motors come standard with 3.5-inch MFG digital color instrumentation. They offer the possibility of interfacing with Suzuki multifunction SMD displays, multifunction screens available in four sizes, 7, 9, 12 and 16 inches.

Connected to Suzuki outboards, they provide information on engine operation and diagnostics and can be interfaced with the rest of the on-board electronics-from fishfinders to gps to radar.

Suzuki outboard 150 horsepower
Suzuki outboard 150 horsepower

“Anti-theft” colors and keys

Suzuki provides two colors for these outboards: Nebular Black, black, or Cool White, white. These outboards are equipped with Keyless Start System. This technology is based on the use of a coded key, capable of communicating with the engine start system without the need to take it out of your pocket each time. This reduces the risks of losing the key and also the risks of theft, because without that code the engine just won’t start.


DF 150 A: the differences

The Suzuki DF150A is essentially identical mechanically. What has changed is the standard instrumentation, which is analog, the lever system, no longer electronic throttles but mechanical remote controls, and the selective foot function, Suzuki Selective Rotation, which is not present.

Price of the Suzuki DF 150 AP outboard: from €17,500 f.c. including VAT

Price of the Suzuki DF 150 A outboard: from €15,800 f.c. including VAT


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