Suzuki at Genoa Boat Show: here are the outboards on display and on what boats


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Suzuki genoa boat show 2020
Cranchi E26 powered with Suzuki DF350A outboard

The 2020 Genoa Boat Show, now in its 60th year, is as of today confirmed to be held from October 1 to 6. Despite the uncertain times, exhibitors in attendance are showing enthusiasm, which in these times certainly doesn’t hurt. Suzuki, which is celebrating 100 years this year, has always had a very strong connection with the Genoa Motor Show. This year it confirms its participation with 32 outboards, the full range, and 19 Suzuki Italia Marine-powered boats and inflatables on display, on land and in water.

Suzuki outboards at the 2020 Genoa Boat Show

There will be 32 Suzuki Italia Marine outboards at the Genoa Boat Show. From 2.5 horsepower to 350 horsepower. There will be 10 Suzuki-powered boats on the water available to visitors for sea trials.

At the 2020 Genoa Boat Show, both in Hall B, booth D4-E5 – and along the dock in front of Hall B, there will be Suzuki news first.

Suzuki’s new outboards for 2021

In addition to the new Suzuki DF140BG and Suzuki DF115BG outboards, Suzuki also has a “technical” surprise in store that can take on great environmental significance. What is known so far? Nothing except that the design is as simple as it is effective.

About the two new outboards, the Suzuki DF140BG and Suzuki DF115BG, these are two very innovative engines. In fact, they are two very high-tech “mid-power” ones, both equipped with drive-by-wire technology. This system makes a data connection between the throttles and the motor. In this way, an electrical cable is used, which transfers each impulse much more faithfully and immediately and not a mechanical connection.

Click here to find out all the technical features of the new Suzuki outboards

What Suzuki Italia Marine-powered boats and inflatables will be at the 2020 Genoa Boat Show?

On the ground

The Suzuki booth in Hall B will feature three Marshall inflatable boats, with fiberglass hulls, designed to totally “marry” Suzuki outboard technology.

  • m2 (5.54 meters by 2.46 meters)
  • m4 (6.65 meters by 2.75 meters)
  • m6 (7.80 meters by 3.10 meters)

Suzukino, the tender according to Suzuki

A space will then be devoted to Suzuki tenders, from the Suzukino brand. Inflatable boats designed for sail and power boat owners, designed to take up little space and have good carrying capabilities:

  • Suzukino 250 Open
  • Suzukino 290 Duetto
  • Suzukino ST310
  • Suzukino ST370

Also present at the Genoa show was Suzumar ‘s range of tenders, which includes 3 models, 2 detachable and 1 fiberglass, and 10 different sizes. On display will be two functional and attractively priced models, the DS290AL and DS350RIB.

IN WATER: Suzuki outboard boats and inflatable boats for test drives

From the 40-horsepower Ari outboard, the upgraded “license-free” to the top-of-the-line 350-horsepower DF350A, you can try a wide range of Suzuki outboards at the 2020 Genoa Boat Show, on boats from 5 to 12 meters.

  • BSC B1 (inflatable boat m 8.33×3.10) powered by Suzuki DF300B
  • Marshall M4 (dinghy m 6.65×2.75) powered by Suzuki DF40A ARI
  • Marshall M8 (dinghy m 9.30×3.15) powered by Suzuki DF350A
  • BWA 22 (dinghy m 6.75×2.75) powered by Suzuki DF140B
  • Idea 58 WA (boat m 5.80×2.75) powered by Suzuki DF40A ARI
  • Ranieri International Cayman 38 (dinghy m 11.70×3.80) powered by Suzuki 2xDF350A
  • Ranieri International Cayman 28 (dinghy m 8.55×3.40) powered by Suzuki 2xDF200AP
  • Suzuki-powered Zar 79 (dinghy m 7.90×2.86) powered by Suzuki DF300B
  • Master 996 (inflatable boat m 9.96×3.36) powered by Suzuki 2xDF300B
  • Panamera Yacht PY100 (dinghy m 12.50×3.80) powered by Suzuki 2xDF350A


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