Suzuki DF40A RR hp is the new 40hp “license-free” outboard


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Suzuki DF40A RR
Suzuki DF40A RR

The 40 horsepower is among the best-selling engines in Italy, it is known. They are perfect engines to start sailing because they have low maintenance, affordable prices and yet they already allow you to have fun and go quite fast, depending on the vehicle they are installed on. It is worth saying at the outset that although they do not require a license, they are no less dangerous for that reason and therefore should always be used with utmost caution.

That’s why manufacturers never seem to want to stop implementing and updating them. Today we climb aboard the Suzuki DF40A RR, the latest addition from the Japanese manufacturer, which in this new version, brings several new features with it.

Suzuki DF40A RR

This new outboard, being a four-stroke under 40 horsepower, does not require a boat license. Let’s see what the features of the Suzuki DF40A RR are:

Suzuki DF40A RR
Suzuki DF40A RR
  • It is a 3-cylinder engine
  • It is among the lightest in circulation: 102 kg.
  • The timing system is four valves per cylinder with double overhead camshaft (DOCH).
  • It has an oil-bath pretensioned chain, instead of the classic timing belt, and requires much less maintenance.
  • It is equipped as standard with a 4-inch MFG screen with which to monitor RPM, water temperature, fuel consumption, engine hours, gear engagement, and trim angle. Equipped with NMEA 2000 electronic interface, it can be easily connected to other electronic instruments such as GPS or sounder chosen by the user.
  • It has new ECU mappings at its disposal: the new parameters present favor torque delivery at low règimes to aid glide entry and help improve top speed under sail, thanks to optimized combustion in the combustion chamber.
  • Suzuki Lean Burn: adjusts the air/fuel mixture by leaning it, that is, increasing the percentage of air and reducing the percentage of fuel at cruising speed.
  • The Easy Start system provides for the engine to start fully automatically following the insertion of the key and its placement in the start position.
  • Tilt Limit system that prevents excessive lifting of the outboard onto the transom, resulting in damage to the engine or boat.
  • The Suzuki Troll Mode, which allows the engine’s idle règime to be managed, changing it by 50 rpm from idle and up to 1,200 rpm, so that the right pace is always guaranteed.
  • High-capacity 19A alternator capable of generating as early as below 1,000 rpm. a current of 11.5A, therefore, capable of powering the on-board electronic instrumentation.

Check out all of Suzuki Italia Marine’s 40 horsepower here.

Features Suzuki DF40A RR Arì:

This 40-horsepower outboard engine from Suzuki is also available in the Arì version. To whom is it addressed? To those who have heavier or often heavily loaded boats and need lots of bass boost. It actually mounts a foot derived from the Suzuki DF140A, which has a transmission ratio of 2.42:1 and can install a 14-inch propeller, which is larger in diameter than the norm.

Suzuki DF40A RR Arì
Suzuki DF40A RR Arì


Therefore, compared to a conventional 40-horsepower engine, it can provide 42% more thrust in forward gear, improving outboard efficiency in acceleration, +12%, even when maneuvering in restricted waters at the lowest rpm.


The great initial boost is obviously “circumscribed” and by necessity we cannot find it again at the higher revs. Simply put at the level of top speed this engine loses something, as is normal.

Suzuki DF40A RR Arì
Suzuki DF40A RR Arì


How much does it cost? For this new 40-horsepower outboard (also including the plotter) the price is € 7,550 f.c. VAT included

For all information click here



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