The new Suzuki 300 hp outboard with contra rotating dual propeller

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18 September 2019

Everything is ready for the Salone Nautico di Genova, scheduled from 19 to 24 September. Suzuki brings the entire range of outboards on display, from DF 2.5 to DF350A: in short, a golden opportunity to touch and get to know the right outboard engine for you and your boat.

Suzuki unveils the DF300B, 300 horsepower and double contra-rotating propeller

Two new products at Suzuki for this show. The first is the Suzuki DF300B, a new high-performance outboard derived from the Suzuki DF350A. From it it takes the thermal unit of 4.4 liters then, the V6 architecture and, above all, the revolutionary foot equipped with dual propeller contra-rotating propulsion, Suzuki Dual Prop.

The Suzuki DF300B thus becomes the 300HP V6 with the largest volume on the market today and also the only one in the world with a double helix, fig technique that enhances the extraordinary torque values of the engine. This, added to the great power available, makes it an engine capable of powering high displacement boats, giving them breathtaking performance.

DF40A ARI, an unlicensed model for “big” boats

A second premiere in Genoa for Suzuki with the new DF40A ARI, an outboard designed for those who have a large boat and do not want to give up the possibility of driving it without a license. ARI in Japanese means ant. This outboard has three cylinders with a displacement of 941 cc. – thanks to the new foot called Suzuki High Energy Rotation, is able to release a lot of torque to allow even heavy or heavy boats, to glide quickly and maintain the glide speed with the classic gas wire. 

Portable outboards

The DF9.9BES and the DF15ATL will also be presented at the Genoa Boat Show. Designed for small boats such as tenders, they can be used as auxiliary outboards on fisherman or RIB. Both developed on the basis of the same 4-stroke thermal unit – an inline twin of 327 cc. – The electric starter for the DF9.9BES and the electric trim/tilt for the Suzuki DF15ATL lead to the debut respectively.

The new Watergrip propellers

Then there will be the chance to admire the new line of steel propellers Watergrip, born with the project of the Suzuki DF350A and then developed for the performance of the outboard Suzuki from 150HP power. In addition to a new blade design, they also have a new bushing with interchangeable silent blocks to reduce slip phenomena.

Alongside the classic analogue instruments, there will be MFG digital displays and Suzuki SMD large screens available in four sizes with 7, 9, 12 and 16 inch screens, which can be interfaced with Suzuki outboards and with the rest of the on-board electronics.



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