From today, you can buy the Suzuki tender directly online: here’s how


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Suzuki Suzukino


The world of e-commerce is growing more and more. Suzuki Italia Marine is pushing hard on the Shop Suzuki where you can now also find the Suzukino and Suzumar ranges, the inflatable boats sold as a package with Suzuki outboards. Then all license-free outboard engines from the Suzuki DF 2.5 A to the Suzuki DF40A are available on this platform.

Suzuki Tender: from today you buy it directly online

All three tender ranges on Suzuki are now available in the online Suzuki Shop. Here are what they are.

The Suzukino range currently consists of eight models, made in collaboration with two manufacturers capable of elevating the classic service boat to the status of a “mini RIB,” that is, with construction quality and technical and aesthetic content consonant with much larger airboats.

Suzuki – Suzukino by Geniuss

Suzukino by Geniuss consists of four tenders. These are equipped with outboard anchoring system and sliding and tilting support. This way once it is placed in tilt (with the foot completely out of the water) it can be slid toward the bow along with the stand. In this way, the outboard, instead of being disassembled, can also be sheltered inside the boat.

  • Suzukino 250 Compact
  • Suzukino 250
  • 285 with Open set-up
  • Suzukino 290 Duetto

Click here to access the Suzuki shop

Suzukino by Surmarine

Suzukino by Surmarine is the stylish, upscale dinghy that takes you all the way to the beach. This soul of the Suzukino by Surmarine is reflected in the comfort finishes and for the protection it provides to the guests on board. Equipped with a steering quarterdeck and wheelhouse, they have a sofa, seats, a mooring or towing nose, lockers-in short, nothing is lacking on board to ensure optimal comfort.

  • Suzukino ST 290
  • Suzukino ST 310
  • Suzukino ST 330
  • Suzukino ST 370

Click here to access the Suzuki shop


This range is made by tenders with an attractive price/quality ratio. Functionality and weight reduction were the design focuses. Comprising it are three models (fiberglass, aluminum dunnage and inflatable dunnage) declined in eight sizes, ranging from 2.3 to 4.2 meters. The result is an extremely versatile range, with great carrying capacity resulting from the open-space configuration of the interior. It is then easy to handle in launching and hauling maneuvers.

Click here to access the Suzuki shop

Suzuki: why buy online?

Even in the case of tenders, the SuzukiSmartBuy option brings with it a number of advantages. Here they are below:

  • Being able to option his model wherever he is, at home, in the office or on his boat
  • Being able to browse the site with any device, smartphone, tablet or computer
  • A simple and intuitive e-commerce interface

And don’t think that by buying online you won’t get in touch with the Suzuki dealer network. Even in the case of the tenders, the purchase is made online with a down payment of €400 via PayPal, but then you choose a dealer where to have it delivered. The role of the dealer is crucial for Suzuki because it is where the company’s professionals can advise and suggest. Basically at the pickup of the tender at the dealer you can have the experts explain everything in detail.

If you buy online, you can choose financing

Until September 2021, by buying online through the SuzukiSmartBuy program you can apply for financing. Thanks to the Agos Self program buying online you have two alternatives:

  • Suzuki Zero Interest (0% fixed TAN – 2.55% APR) for amounts between € 2,500 and € 13,000
  • Easy formula for financing above € 13,000 and up to € 20,000 (fixed TAN 3.67% APR 4.17%).

Full details of Suzuki outboard and tender financing are available on the Suzuki Italia Marine website.


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