Swan OverShadow (13 m), the test of the sleek 40-knot weekender


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Among the new boats under 15 meters that debuted at the Cannes Yachting Festival was the Swan OverShadow. Second motor model from the Finnish shipyard
Nautor Swan
, this weekender (it has a cabin with a bathroom), is based on the same high-performance hull as the Jarkko Jämsén-designed Swan Shadow, which turns out to be particularly high performance and efficient. We got on board and tried it out for you.

What we talk about:


Swan OverShadow

This new 13-meter shares the same platform as its sibling Shadow, but unlike the former on the OverShadow the engine is inboard and the sheer is more enclosed, with a full deck cabin where there is room to sleep on board and do a little cruising.

What remains, apart from the hull, is the sleek style of the flush deck cockpit and the transformer platform at the stern that, rising and lowering over the water, acts both as a walkway to go ashore and as a bathing beach.


Protecting the cockpit and driver’s station is a full beam windshield, with a sunroof. Unlike the Shadow, OverShadow’s cockpit has lost modularity-the engine room limits its customization. Two layouts are possible with the choice between a generous wet bar or a longer sofa on the port side of the boat.

Swan OverShadow's windshield is full beam
Swan OverShadow’s windshield is full beam

In the living area, the sofas and onboard furniture are all on the side, which makes the hull look much wider, while aft remain the two side aisles and there is a large sundeck over 2 meters long.

The side furniture in the living area makes the Swan OverShadow's cockpit look wider than the Shadow's
The side furniture in the living area makes the Swan OverShadow’s cockpit look wider than the Shadow’s

Barche con gli step: pro e contro secondo i guru delle carene

Swan OverShadow – Below decks and cabins

The full-beam, enclosed bow creates more space at the front below deck than the Shadow. Below deck OverShadow features two alternative layouts: a double bed configuration or two single beds.

The interior of the Swan OverShadow cabin.
The interior of the Swan OverShadow cabin.

The double offers more comfort when spending a weekend away from home, while the twin configuration offers more space on board, creating a seating area below deck as well. Both layouts feature a more generous ceiling height than the predecessor. There is also a bathroom.


Exiting the Viex-Port of Cannes, we have power to the engines. The hull, which we had also had a chance to try out on Swan Shadow, is very performant and fun. The hull features a double redan and was designed with the input of CFD technology to bring maximum performance. At about 12 knots we are already gliding but it is at 25 to 30 knots that Swan OverShadow shows the most of its capabilities, optimizing performance and fuel economy and offering a degree of adrenaline and fun.

The hull glides over the waves, lightly brushing against them. Despite the weight given by the wider cabin, Swan OverShadow is quite light for its class. Top speed is reached at 40 knots, a speed at which it is possible to make turns safely and while staying dry. Be careful not to gag the bow, though; if you don’t close the windshield some splash can get in.

Swan Overshadow Propellers

Swan Overshadow – Data Sheet

Length f.t. 13 m
Width 4.3 m
Displacement 8.000 kg
Serb. water 156 L
Serb. fuel 950 L
Serb. blackwater 60 L
Engine 2 x 400 hp Volvo D6
Maximum speed. 42 kn
Cruising speed 31 kn
Sleeping places 2
Bathroom 1
Design category B10 / C12 / D18
CONTACT: nautorswan.com

Swan Overshadow – Consumption

Consumption table
RMP Speed (knots) Consumption (lt/h)
600 3,7 3
1000 6,5 10
1250 7,5 15
1500 8,7 26
1750 10,5 39
2000 13,4 57
2250 16 67
2500 21,3 78
2750 26 84
3000 29,8 100
3250 33,4 117
3500 37 139
3750 39,6 150
3850 42 170
At the time of the test, the speedboat had 6 people on board, 855 L of fuel and 156 L of water.
Minimum glide
RMP Speed (knots) Consumption (lt/h)
1950 11,2 55
Cruising speed
RMP Speed (knots) Consumption (lt/h)
3100 31 97

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