Austin Parker

2 March 2021
Austin Parker Ibiza 85

Austin Parker Ibiza 85 will be a huge 27 meters walk-around

Austin Parker Ibiza 85 will be the new 27-meter flagship by Austin Parker Yachts. This motorboat, Ibiza 85, arrives in 2021 after the shipyard began a very […]
21 July 2020
Austin Parker Ibiza 44

Austin Parker Ibiza 44 is a modern approach to Italian classic

The new Austin Parker 44 Ibiza is a real elegant and modern motor boat. In short, it’s a lot of stuff. There is excitement at home Austin […]
9 June 2020
austin parker 44

Fulvio De Simoni signs the new Austin Parker line

This year will be very important for Austin Parker, a brand of Austin Parker International. There are a lot of novelties coming soon starting from a […]