life onboard

21 December 2019

Liferaft: all you need to know about it

The regulations governing the construction and use of the liferaft for recreational craft have been in force since 18 September 2002. However, not all yachtsmen have […]
20 December 2019

How to check if the propeller of your boat is well sized

If you are not satisfied with the performance of your boat, the problem may be in the propeller. To select the right one for your engine, […]
19 December 2019
pittura antivegetativa antifouling

Does the antifouling not last long? Prolong its effectiveness

The duration of an antifouling is, first of all, due to the correct choice of the type of product suitable for the type of boat and […]
16 December 2019
parabordi, fenders

Fenders, choose the ideal ones for your boat

While you are moored the protection of your boat is entrusted only to the fenders, but they are not all the same. Learn to choose the […]