milano yachting week

13 August 2022

Some beautiful boats to see at the digital boat show

Today we took a tour of the harbor at Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show to see some beautiful boats. Waiting to see them […]
8 August 2022

Experts tell the best of boating at Milano Yachting Week

Would you like to know which antifouling agents are the most effective, what a port must have in order to be perfect, why weather forecasts for […]
19 February 2022
The pleasure of owning a beautiful object, one that leaves you speechless and makes you say "what a beautiful boat, whose is it? In short, boats that make your head spin, that excite you. Solaris Power Few boats have these characteristics. The Solaris Power boats that you will find on the dock at Milano Yachting Week - The Digital Boat Show stand and in the water at Race Nautica certainly belong to this privileged group. The Solaris Power boats are born from the experience of Solaris that builds motor boats from 44 to 100 feet for one of the most prestigious brands in the world. Today, all the qualities that have always distinguished Solaris sailing yachts become priority features of the new range of Solaris Power engines. We anticipate the characteristics of the three Solaris Power models present at the Milano Yachting Week and we suggest you to visit them immediately. You will not be disappointed. Solaris Power 44 Open (m. 13,10 x 4,35) A boat with an elegant line, very modern and timeless, one of those that never get old. And it has technical features that make it different from the others. Go and see her now! (CLICK HERE) Solaris Power 48 Open (m. 14,35 x 4,87) is a very technical boat, focused on navigation skills, functionality and safety. The latest generation propulsion system is perfectly integrated into the shape of the hull which has never been done before in this segment. These capabilities make possible long cruises in adverse weather conditions, in total safety and with an extended range. (CLICK HERE) Solaris Power 48 Lobster (m. 14,35 x 4,87) maintains all the characteristics of the open version declined for more sheltered sailing thanks to an external superstructure that makes it ideal for cruising in the Mediterranean, even at long range. (CLICK HERE) One click to get in touch And if you want to deepen with a manager of the shipyard or book a visit via email or whatsapp, in the stand you will find the buttons to activate the contact with a click. News by Milano Yachting Week

What a beautiful boat, what is it? A Solaris Power!

The pleasure of owning a beautiful object, one that leaves you speechless and makes you say “what a beautiful boat, whose is it? In short, boats […]
11 December 2021
marine accessories

The Hit parade of the 10 most viewed accessories at Milano Yachting Week

Do you have a moment, do you like rankings? We have drawn up for you the TOP TEN of the ten most viewed accessories at Milano […]
24 October 2021
Flyer 9 Sundeck Bénéteau

From 2 to 12 meters, seven amazing boats at Milano Yachting Week

Please do not call them “small” the seven boats from 2 to 12 meters that are located in the motorboat port of the Milan Yachting Week […]
16 October 2021
Garmin Marine

What is the right electronic instrumentation for a motor boat?

Tell me what boat you have, I’ll tell you what is the electronics to have on board. Yes, at Milano Yachting Week – The digital Boat […]
9 October 2021
croatia boat holidays

Dreaming costs nothing: where to go next summer in Croatia

All right, now is not the time for a boating vacation in Croatia, the European country that boasts 1244 islands in just 250 miles, a world […]
26 September 2021
garmin marine electronics

What electronics on a boat from 9 to 12 meters? Find out here with Garmin!

What tools should a motor boat from 9 to 12 meters have on board? Just go to the Milano Yachting Week- The digital boat show to […]
18 September 2021
The new Toy Marine 51 Fly

Beautiful to make your head spin. All the charm of Toy 51 and 51 Fly

If you want to visit one of those boats that when you see them on the dock you feel like getting on board and going out […]