ranieri international

8 June 2022

The new (14m) Maxi Rib according to Ranieri International. Cayman 45.0 Cruiser

The expansion of the Maxi Rib market has projected shipyards upwards, in search of increasingly important projects in terms of size and finishing. Among these is […]
21 August 2020
Ranieri Next 285 LX

Ranieri International unveils the new Next 285 LX

The new Ranieri International Next 285 LX will make its official debut at the upcoming boat shows. Meanwhile, the boat has already been launched and the […]
18 August 2020
Ranieri Cayman 26 Sport poppa

Ranieri International launches the new Cayman 26.0 Sport

In addition to the new Ranieri International for 2020 there is also the Ranieri Cayman 26 Sport. For now we have seen the Cayman 28.0 Executive […]
24 July 2020
Ranieri Cayman 28

Ranieri Cayman 28, A New Italian Spacedeck Rib

Ranieri Cayman 28 Executive is the latest rib presented by Ranieri International. The Soverato shipyard is now launched into the world of the rib and this […]
25 February 2020
Ranieri Cayman 21

Ranieri International unveils the rib for fishing: Cayman 21 Sport Fishing

At the Pescare Show in Vicenza we saw the Sport Fishing version of the Cayman 21, one of the most popular boat of Ranieri International. A […]