TOP 2021

9 April 2021

TOP 2021 – 3 new rib boats to enjoy the sea

The new RIBs are sporty and elegant, offering beach areas, large sunbathing areas and powerful engines. They are suitable for days at sea or as tenders […]
6 April 2021
Ferretti Yachts 500

TOP 2021 – 3 new boats over 15 metres to think big

These new 15-, 22- and 33-metre yachts have in common the experience of life on board, enhanced by design solutions that combine space, privacy and light. […]
2 April 2021

TOP 2021 – 3 new boats of 9-10 metres, small and distinctive

When the boat is small, space becomes precious. Here are three new 9-10 metre boats that feature original and innovative solutions for more space and top […]
30 March 2021
Pyxis 30 WA Fishing

TOP 2021 – 3 new fishing boats: fisherman or RIB?

Two small, practical inflatable boats equipped for fishing, for uncomplicated leisure use. Or, among the new boats designed for fishing, there is also a 10-metre that […]
26 March 2021

TOP 2021 – 3 new 17-metre boats

Space, space, space. These three new 17-metre yachts have in common the optimisation of space to accommodate passengers with every comfort, both outside and below deck. […]
23 March 2021
Nuova Jolly Prince 50

TOP 2021 – 3 new maxi RIB that are very popular

The mega RIB phenomenon is enjoying renewed success. There are many boatyards (especially here in Italy) specialising in the production of inflatable and maxi inflatable boats. […]
19 March 2021
Sacs Strider 15

TOP 2021 – 3 new large 12 to 15 metre RIBs

The universe of large RIBs is broadened with these three new 12 to 15 metre models, which interpret the day boat concept for day trips, but […]
16 March 2021

TOP 2021 – New 30-metre widebody boats

Owners today want more and more space, and these three new 30-metre yachts have more voluminous lines without sacrificing sailing pleasure. Spacious flybridges and walkable areas […]
9 March 2021

TOP 2021 – New 27-metre boats for long cruises

These 3 new 27-metre yachts have plenty of space, with solutions for a highly effective beach club to experience the sea in total relaxation. They have […]