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11 January 2021

Yacht Refit: how much does a 10 meters yacht refit cost?

Refitting allows to renovate and revaluate an outdated boat, adapting it to new styles, technologies and owner’s needs. There are many possibilities and solutions available to […]
3 April 2020
Gommoni usati veloci capelli tempest 1000

Seven inflatables used to fly at over 50 knots

Whether they are cabined or open, with outboard or inboard engines, today’s inflatable boats are faster and more reliable. Already with a seven and a half […]
16 March 2020

10 used boats made in Italy to look for to cruise

For Italian law, vessels are pleasure craft less than 10 meters long. A vessel, always according to the Code of Recreational Navigation (art.3 of D.Lgs N. […]
30 October 2019
Monaco Classic Week 2019 - © Carlo Borlenghi

Used boat, 10 tips (plus one) to buy it

Buying a used boat is convenient in many ways. It costs less than the new one. It has often solved defects that were present on the […]