Ten reasons why a boat is (much) better than a car


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Hey, you who are about to buy the shiny new car
(in the picture above we wanted to have some fun–mythical Duna!), lured by leases and offers. Perhaps after reading these lines you will want to keep your 1997 Fiat Tipo and invest the money in buying a boat, whether “fresh” from the yard or used. To prove to you that a boat is infinitely better than a car, we have compiled this semi-serious list of reasons why. Let us know if you agree with us and if we have forgotten any!


1. Touch iron before you read what you are about to read. The people who die in boats each year you can count on the fingers of one hand: due to traffic accidents, on the other hand, there are about 1.25 million deaths annually.

2. A spicy evening with your partner will take on a decidedly more romantic tone on board, with the silence of the sea, the smell of salt, and the moonlight illuminating you. Much, much better than in the lay-by of a rest area: not to mention that you will have averted the risk of any peeping toms.

3. The machine needs to be serviced every two years, and every two years are quarrels. The registered boat is issued a safety certificate and has much longer overhaul intervals: for a new boat we talk about 8-10 years depending on the EC category (then 5 years from the second renewal). On the other hand, if you own a watercraft (i.e., a boat whose hull is within ten meters), forget the above. No revision.

4. Car means smog, queues, stress, numb muscles. Boat means freedom, sea air, relaxation. There is nothing more to add: the boat lengthens life, the car shortens it.

5. If you fall into the water from a boat launched at full speed you might be okay. Try it on the highway.

6. While you are cruising at cruising speed, all you need is a fishing rod, line and artificial bait and you can catch tuna and skipjack. If you do it by car, at most you may run into some nutria, pantagana or pigeon. And definitely in a fine.

7. Have you ever heard of anyone on a boat being six hours in line to get to where they wanted to spend their vacation? We don’t.

8. On the boat, you have no speed limits (except for port areas) or traffic lights. Only recommendation: if you plan to also drink at sea have someone else helm.

9. Okay, in a few years it will be common, but for now the self-driving car is not there yet. How long has it been since you have been able to rely on a highly efficient and reliable autopilot in your boat and enjoy 100% of the pleasure of sailing?

10. The boat can be your vacation home wherever you decide to go. Like an RV sure, but try diving out of the RV as soon as you wake up as you would after a night in the roadstead….

G.G. & E.R.



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