TEST Joker Clubman 32: the fast cruising dinghy (in 9 meters)


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Joker Clubman 32
Joker Clubman 32

Anyone would want a family dinghy, one for going fast and one for cruising. Joker scores a hat trick with the new Clubman 32. Safe, spacious and very powerful. What else can you want in 10 meters?

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Joker Clubman 32

If the
Clubman 30
you liked it, the new 32 is the perfect version for those who want to extend their day on the water thanks to the presence of space below deck. Don’t call it, however, Clubman 30 Cabin. This rib undoubtedly inherits much from the other model, but it is a brand new inflatable boat in every way, designed by designer Federico Gerna in collaboration with the shipyard.

Clubman 32 deck

The hull is deeper, longer, and wider than its smaller sibling, which results in considerable volume below deck with similar sailing qualities. To wit, we can travel serenely at over 35 knots of cruising speed with two
Yamaha V8 XTO 400-horsepower
. The maximum, however, is 61 knots. Just running? Absolutely not, in fact.

Joker Clubman 32: a 9-meter cabin cruiser inflatable boat

This vessel(the length overall is 9.3 meters) has, in fact, a double core as can be guessed from the layout of the aft cockpit, which is very protective and this is needed not only at speed, but also when there are little ones on board, and we are at anchor. On board, you board through two swim platforms positioned around the outboards that provide easy access. A walkway is placed between the two to get from one side to the other without too much difficulty.

Joker’s CB 32 kitchen

Access from the platforms is not on the same level, but a portion of the backrest opens so that there is no need to climb over. The table is adjustable and functions as a stand for lunches and aperitifs or, left at half height with a cushion on top, as a very wide sundeck. The livability is undoubtedly maximum, and you can even shade the area with the help of an awning placed on the roll bar as in the model we tested.

To promote on-board mobility, the tubulars, up to the height of the helm station, have external walkways so that should one need to move from the stern to the bow, such as at berthing, he or she can do so without having to move those sitting in the cockpit. Also noteworthy is the storage space created under the seats that is easily accessible.

The dashboard

Let’s focus on the center console: facing aft we have the “kitchen” area with cutting board and sink, hidden under a cover. A cooking area that can come in handy on a cruise is provided upon request. The cabinet houses a 62-liter refrigerator and a locker. The wheelhouse, on the other side, enjoys double seating and is quite ergonomic, as we will see during the test, and mixes physical buttons with state-of-the-art screens.

The CB32 dashboard

Lovers of minimal may perhaps find fault with it, but in practice such a dashboard is certainly very functional. Completing the deck is a second, full-beam bow sundeck that also rests on the front of the console.

The cabin on board

A dinghy that is sporty in line but has a spacious cabin. That is what designer Federico Gerna has accomplished by creating a wider and deeper hull.

The cabin of the Joker Clubman 32
The two berths of the Clubman 32

Going below deck we find two layouts, and the owner can choose between a version with a bathroom separated by a fixed bulkhead or an open space with a toilet concealed by upholstered seating. In true Joker Boat style, various color customization options are available, as well as on the exterior.

Joker Clubman 32: performance

On the day of the test we went out of the port of Cannes, with rather uncomfortable sea and long wave going towards the resort of Mandelieu to find “calmer” conditions. Already to go that far, it has emerged how this specimen has basically two faces: the first is the “tame” face of the family dinghy, which, at 3500 rpm, travels serenely at 32 knots while consuming about 84 liters per hour. Stable, secure on the wave, it allowed us to sail smoothly.

Joker Clubman 32
Joker Clubman 32

Then it was time to get serious. The body of water where to do the top speed test is limited by conditions, but we try. In no time we touch 40, 45, 50 and end data collection at 53 knots with engine at 5,500 rpm and consumption of 212 liters per hour. It was not the case to go any further, and already this speed, given the situation was far from obvious. Common sense suggested not to force our hand, but we can already feel satisfied.


SPEED in knots

FUEL Litres / hour


































*data collected by the Motor Boats reporter during the trial

/ data collected by the Barche a Motore journalist during the test

Data sheet:

Length f.t. LOA

9.51 m

Beam width

3.26 m

Displacement Displacement 3,500 kg

Tubes Tub es 0.62 m

Serb. Water Water tank

140 l

Serb. fuel Fuel tank 570 l


Engine StandardEngine Out board Outboard

Power Power



Vel. max (knots) Max speed (kt) 61 kn

Vel. croc. (nodes) Cruis. speed (kt)

35 kn


Cabins Cabins




Bathroom toilet



Projects Federico Gerna

Shipyard Shipyard

Joker Boat

CE Category CE Category







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