Thanks to these accessories, you’ll never run out of power on board


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Energy and Electricity - Accessories
Energy and Electricity – Accessories

On-board power is a key issue when boating, especially when planning cruises or multi-day outings, in cold seasons as much as in warm ones. Each boat is different from the other in terms of consumption, type of utilities, and energy needs, also depending on the number of people on board. The choice of accessories to be installed to avoid running out of power, however, is the same for most cruising boats. Between increasingly safe and high-performance batteries and “mixed” solutions that combine inverter and generator (one of the most popular solutions lately) there really is something for everyone’s taste and energy needs.

Mastervolt – CombiMaster

Mastervolt - CombiMaster
Mastervolt – CombiMaster

The CombiMaster is both an inverter and a battery charger; it manages to provide constant power for long periods to the boat. The range is from 12 to 48 volts for the inverter, with charging currents between 60 and 200 amperes.

Pro Energy – Ship Control

Battery - Ship Control
Battery – Ship Control

Ship Control batteries in the Pro Energy line can withstand large energy demands and even partial charge and discharge cycles. They are available in different combinations, Lead-AGM, Lead-Gel, Lead-Carbon, and LifePo4 lithium.

Boat Accessories. LE300 – BOS

LE300 - BOS accessories
LE300 – BOS

With this system you couple a lithium iron-phosphate battery (pictured) to the conventional lead-acid battery you already have on board. Simply add the new module to the lead-acid battery in parallel, with plug and play installation.

Boat Accessories. AC60 Generator – Bluetti

AC60 Generator - Bluetti accessories
AC60 Generator – Bluetti

A generator that can be combined with an additional battery for additional power. The generator alone weighs 9.1 kg, measures 29 x 20.5 x 23.4 cm, and has a 600W inverter that also powers devices requiring 1,200W of power.



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