The 40 kW electric outboard with 1-hour range at 19 knots


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ePropulsion X40
ePropulsion X40

The motors in ePropulsion’s new electric X series are even lighter and more compact, and feature a new space-saving silhouette that allows them to be used even on cramped stern mirrors. They were recently launched and are available in 12, 20, and 40 kW powers. Top speeds range from 16 knots on the 12 kW model to 20 knots on the 40 kW model, with ranges of approximately 15 to 22 miles.

What the new 40 kW outboard from ePropulsion looks like.

According to ePropulsion, the most powerful electric outboard motor in the new X series, namely theX40, is 20 percent lighter than conventional motors of the same power rating, and is capable of delivering a power output of 40kW. The powertrain has been made even more efficient and now reaches88.2%, the highest level in the industry.

The X40 combines sleek design and compactness, containing the steering, trim, electrical control unit (ECU) and engine controller within a single unit. On board the new engine is the newly engineered ePropulsion Smart System Architecture (eSSA), which is designed to ensure easy, safe and reliable configuration on any type of vessel.

The innovative features of the X40

ePropulsion ‘s X40 electric outboard features technology that dampens most vibrations and minimizes noise and resonance, isolating the engine and the boat where it is mounted. The unit is equipped with a state-of-the-art connectivity service that provides, via the smartphone app, real-time engine status updates, advanced monitoring, reporting, and precise tracking of routes and engine/battery hours.

Awide range of accessories is available for purchase to enhance the X40 outboard, including the ePropulsion smart throttle, digital rudder, smart display, propellers, G102-100 battery (more powerful than standard), and solar charger.

ePropulsion X40 data sheet

Power used (kW) 10 | 20 | 40
Speed (knots) 6.8 | 8.28 | 19,4
Battery life (hours) 4 | 2 | 1
Autonomy (miles) 31.3 | 19.1 | 22.3
Weight 104 (L) – 106 kg (XL)
Shaft length (mm) 508 (L) – 635 mm (XL)
Rated voltage (V) 96



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