The buoy “racket” strikes again. Scandal in the Tremiti


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In ouropinion, buoy camps are the key to attracting tourists “from the sea” to our coasts, but they need to be well managed, entrusting their control to the Coast Guard or Park Authorities, which in turn are kept under watch.

Because otherwise what happens is what Alberto told the Sailing Newspaper about a problem that, however, affects all boaters: the buoy “racket” this time hit the Tremiti. Where a lot of money had recently been spent to bring the buoy mooring system up to code. Too bad that now the yachtsman who arrives in the Apulian islands and wants to anchor (paying regularly) at a buoy will find himself at a loss. Alberto (who also sent us the photos accompanying the article) writes.

I have been a subscriber of yours for many years, live in Pescara, and own a 37-foot Jeanneau sailboat.

Unfortunately for us, the Adriatic did not offer many ideas for a WE away from stress, the Tremiti Islands were always the solution for a short vacation and in the absence of a port the buoys present gave security for an overnight stay.

Until a few years ago they were managed in a “artisanal” way, I translate: you would phone the “owner” of the buoy, pay the parking fee ( 30 euros per day) and have garbage pickup, possible shuttle service to the Island and the peace of mind that your boat would have no nasty surprises.

Three years ago it happened that all the illegal buoys were removed and after a long time the Park Authority placed new numbered buoys, so far so good, the problem today arises when one arrives by boat and finds no free moorings, in fact almost all the buoys have been “requisitioned” by locals and used for mooring small dinghies to rent to tourists who arrived by ferry.

My question is this: why spend hundreds of thousands to maintain the status quo to whom did it benefit?

Certainly nautical sailing tourism is being severely affected so much so that the few sailboats present on Saturday, July 28, were all at anchor, I learn that the Park Authority is arranging an agreement with the municipality to manage the buoys for us poor tourists as well. When, however, is unknown.





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