The flying boats! 6 models already on the market for all tastes (from 3 to 13 m)


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C-8 spark plug
C-8 Polestar spark plug

Full Electric & Full Foiling: here’s what’s new

If the big news just a few years ago was the various full electric boats, it is now increasingly electrics on foil. A solution that certainly does not exclude the former, nor diminish it, but that undoubtedly opens new doors, well demonstrating how this propulsion can open doors that were previously precluded, in this case by coupling to lightweight hulls with minimal hydrodynamic resistance. Far from disappearing, electrics thus remain and clearly an important part of this market, and just as interesting, but the many foil-equipped solutions continue to grow and, in this article, we will look precisely at those that the market already offers us, or will soon offer us.

Spark Plug – Spark Plug C8 CC | 8.5 m

Maximized space and lots of comfort on the new 8.5-meter Candela, with several lounge areas and optionally a T-Top. Natural evolution of the already best-selling


(pictured above), the new Candela C8-CC brings the yard back into the spotlight with a foiling based yes on the same hull and same electric propulsion as the previous model, but with profound changes on board, now in an open center console configuration. Performance? Always at the pinnacle of the industry, with about 57 nautical miles of range and, on foil, 30 knots of top speed.Looking at the deck, starting from the stern, the layout includes a central double sundeck, complemented, just further forward, by a pair of settees facing a central table. A space dedicated to conviviality or meals, convertible, however, into an extension of the first sundeck, making an uninterrupted one along the entire length of the cockpit. Alternatively, the forward seat offers a tilting backrest, thus accommodating in the forward direction as well. In the middle of the boat is the console, served by a pair of ultralight wraparound seats, and inside it hides the bathroom with shower, accessible from the forward portion. A second convivial space, complete with facing sofa and seating, is located in the bow.

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C-8 CC spark plug
C-8 CC spark plug

Flying boats. Navier Boats – Navier 30 | 9 m

From New Zealand, Navier Boats follows up its previous Navier 27 with a new 9-meter full electric and foiling, the Navier 30, available in three different versions Open Top (pure open); Hard Top; and Cabin. Capable of about 35 knots of top speed and foiling as early as 15 knots, New Zealand’s new 30-footer relies on a pair of 90KW electric outboards installed on independent stern foils, thus presenting, unlike many boats in the segment, an inverted foil configuration, with a propulsive pair at the stern and a single central foil toward the extreme bow. In terms of design, on the other hand, the deck features an unchanged bow section in the 3 configurations, with a bow triangle at the level of the broadside, preceded by a protected space equipped with a C-shaped settee. In terms of the centerboard and cockpit, however, layouts vary according to the configuration chosen and customization options, still providing, in addition to the helm station, different solutions of sofas and furniture to accommodate passengers. Certainly, as far as the Cabin version is concerned, there is provision for a double bed to be made from the sofa present against the port broadside, thus offering the possibility of overnight accommodation on board.

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Navier 30


Iguana Yachts – Iguana Foiler | 10 m

Among Iguana Yachts’ latest creations, the Iguana Foiler is perhaps a somewhat special case, a boat with such innovative solutions as to make it the first of its kind, as well as an extremely talked-about project. In fact, it is a 10-meter full-electric, foiling and, most importantly, amphibious. In a nutshell, it is a design worthy of the most iconic Sci-fi, a boat capable of speeds of 30 knots when “airborne” on its three foils, but also ready to continue ashore, thanks to a retractable Caterpillar track system.In detail, powered by a 120 Kwh (lithium-ion) battery pack, the foil system is propelled by a 300-horsepower Evoy electric outboard (adapted prototype), and consists first of two separate mid-boat foils and a stern fin integrated with the outboard. Respectively, the first two, which can be folded down, are intended to provide the main lift, while the third, which is inverted T-shaped, not only provides additional stability, but also extends and stabilizes the foot of the outboard, ensuring the propellers are constantly submerged. The land drive system, on the other hand, consists of two separate Caterpillar systems that can be folded down, a solution that contains them in the bulwarks, thus avoiding disturbance during navigation, and providing good traction on land while keeping the hull elevated.As for the rest of the boat, the design is more classic, with a cockpit equipped with a table and sofa, wheelhouse and center seating, and forward lounge.

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Iguana Foiler

Flying boats. Spirit Yachts – Spirit 35(F) | 10.5 m

Born out of the collaboration between Spirit Yachts (a British classic boat yard) and BAR Technologies (a marine engineering consulting firm), the new Spirit 35(F) was born not only as a full-electric and full-foiling dayboat, but also as a field of exploration of the possibilities of meeting tradition and cabinetmaking mastery with the latest technologies. It is in fact an elegant 10.5-meter boat, made of wood, and capable of flying at 30 knots on foil. Powered by electric motorization, this 35-footer will be able to lift off from 14 knots, with a cruising speed expected to be around 22 knots, at which the expected range is around 5 hours of sailing (about 100 mn). Coming to the spaces, deck terms the 35(F) offers an open cockpit configuration with 6 seats-two in the wheelhouse and 4 on a settee-convertible to a spider configuration, with 2 seats only. The cockpit, which is present in the open cockpit configuration, then houses a sofa with a central table, and the two seats in the wheelhouse can be facing this, rotating on their vertical axis. As for additional spaces on board, no information has been released at present.

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Spirit 35 Foiler
Spirit 35 Foiler

BMW – The ICON | 13. 5 m

During the just-concluded Cannes Film Festival, hidden by the lights and attention devoted to the red carpet, BMW was instead busy at sea, with the launch of its futuristic The Icon, a new 13.5-meter foil-equipped, twin-engine boat-and already ready to go into production. BMW, moreover, is not only the supplier of the high-voltage batteries (under the BMWi brand), but also signs off on the design with the work of the creatives at Designworks (a subsidiary of BMW Group), which has come up with a decidedly unprecedented design. Looking at the interior, the spaces take advantage of the XL platform (for the segment) by hybridizing a living room with a lounge on the water, complete with a high-tech dashboard. The hull is, in fact, a flat body with a central supporting element for the transparent superstructure and has a maximum beam of 4.5 meters, thus granting a very spacious entrance and a salon dominated by large windows, where everything results in a play of light, such as the upholstery of the furniture, designed to reflect sunbeams on the floor. Going into practicalities, propulsion is provided by a pair of 100 kW electric motors using the 240 kWh of energy provided by six BMW i3 batteries. The range in this way, reaches over 50 nautical miles (about 92 km). The cruising speed on the foils is reported to be around 24 knots, while the maximum speed is estimated to be around 30 knots.

For more details and information, read our in-depth article

BMW – The ICON | 13. 5 m

EXTRA – Waveflyer | 2.9 m

Also joining the chorus of electric boats on foil is a small watercraft (2.9 m) designed for only two people, but capable of 40 knots of top speed and 4.5 hours of range at cruising speed on foil. It is the small Waveflyer, from Electro Nautic, a design designed to enable two people (or about 200 kg (440 lb.) of embarked weight) to move quickly and with reduced emissions up to 100 km (62 miles) thanks to minimal size and weight combined with a fly-by-wire managed twin-tail foil system. Retractable, to allow navigation even in shallow water, the foil system here is grafted onto two separate sections equipped with one thruster each and connected by a double “blade” intended to give lift and lift. The forward blade connects the two bodies perpendicularly, while, the aft blade, on the other hand, is profiled in an inverted V shape, increasing the control capability over the entire system. Potentially ideal for moving quickly both in roadstead and during one’s explorations, the Waveflyer also boasts a fast-charging system that allows the batteries to be usable after less than two hours, for more than twice as long in cruise mode.

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