The maxi-rib also conquers yacht owners! Here’s why


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sacs rebel 47 outboard

The new generation of SACS has brought success to maxi-ribs, large inflatable boats (but not only). The range of Sacs (10 to 15 meters long, inboard and outboard) can be found on the dock at Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show.

Sacs with these boats and with its entire range you will find here has revolutionized the concept, taking the best that a traditional boat has combined with the advantages of a hull that is surrounded by tubulars.

Sacs’ tubulars are not air inflated, but are made of an ultra-strong anti-collision material coated with Neoprene Hypalon, while remaining the boat’s defining structural and aesthetic element.

Why SACS’ ribs appeal to owners of large yachts

The cruiser dinghy is catching on so much (also aided by the maxi-rib fashion, which is pushing its image) that today the real challenge is between 60- to 80-foot yachts-about 18 to 24 meters-and these large dinghies.

Going out with the boat without being tied to the crew not only makes you freer, but is also a significant money saver. Besides, the beauty of having a boat is also steering it directly with our own hands. It’s just that to put yourself at the helm of a 60-footer with fluency requires experience and familiarity.

It must be said that today the dashboard is becoming an increasingly comfortable place with all kinds of instrumentation to simplify the management of every maneuver on board. If we then put a lot of roaring outboards in the stern, that’s it. On an adrenaline-fueled, hyper-powered hull we will find optimal sailing and cruising comforts

Power boats and maxi-ribs

To understand what a maxirib is today, all you have to do is walk into the Sacs Marine booth to immerse yourself in the world of super inflatables that Sacs practically invented. As you listen to the interview with Andrea Loro, SACS sales manager, you will get into the right “mood” to appreciate these boats, which retain the tubular imprinting, but are true luxury yachts that are elegant and high-performance.

Visit now the range of six models in inboard and outboard versions that SACS is exhibiting at Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show.


Discover the two ranges of SACS Marine

We make it easy for you to visit by providing links here to board Sacs Marine’s six models:

Sacs Rebel Range

– Rebel 40 Outboard

(m. 10.81 x 3.98), max power 2×425 hp

– Rebel 40 Inboard

(m. 12.32 x 3.98), max power 2 x 380 hp diesel, max speed 42 knots

Rebel 47 Open Outboard

(m. 14.30 x 4.41), max power 3 x 425 hp, max speed 50 knots

– Rebel 47 Open Inboard

(m. 14.06 x 4.41), max power 2 x 440 hp, max speed 38 knots

Strider Sacs Range

– Strider 11 Openback Outboard

(m. 11.51 x 3.79), max power 2×300 hp, max speed 48 knots

– Strider 11 Openback Inboard

(m. 11.02 x 3.79), max power 2×350 hp, max speed 47 knots

– Strider 13 Outboard

(m. 13.43 x 3.98), max power 2×450 hp, max speed 52 knots

– Strider 13 Inboard

(m. 13.38 x 3.98), max power 2×380 hp, max speed 45 knots

– Strider 15 Outboard

(m. 13.57 x 5.02), max power 3×425 hp, max speed 51 knots

– Strider 15 Inboard

(m. 15 x 5.02), max power 2×440 hp diesel, max speed 42 knots

Just one click to get in touch

Enter the Sacs Marine booth now to learn about the history of this Italian shipyard with 30 years of experience. And if you would like to elaborate with a manager or book a visit via email or whatsapp, in the booth you will find buttons to activate contact with one click


News by Milano Yachting Week




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