The mini electric boat, in kit form, for maxi satisfactions


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Against the race to gigantism of powerboats and against market trends that dictate larger spaces, larger volumes and, therefore, higher costs, Rapid Whale presents the mini boat that you assemble yourself, as if it were a Pax wardrobe from Ikea, but that compared to wardrobe navigates much better. Ridiculously small, only six feet (one meter, 80, in length) outboard is powered by an electric outboard, not included in the construction kit, but easily purchased along with batteries at any shipchandler that allows her to reach a speed of 3.5 knots.

Navigating Rapid Whale's mini barge“Designed to last a lifetime,” says John Tulberg, industrial designer and recreational engineer(sic.), it is made of laser-cut marine plywood, with the various elements held together via clamps and joints and finished (or rather, refinished) with epoxy to improve water resistance. However, an internal bulkhead with buoyancy reserve was included in the design to ensure unsinkability even in the event of a leak and waterway opening.

Total view of Rapid Whale's boat, made of marine plywoodThe kit is on sale for $950 plus shipping and contains the plywood panels, various parts made with 3D printers, the rudder wheel, the wheelhouse bearings, and the various gaskets needed. Between $500 and $1,000 (depending on how much you feel in the mood to enrich your mini-panfile) are to be added for everything else from the motor, to the seat, to the bollards and mooring lights, the paints, etc., however, the shopping list including where-to-find-what is available. Construction instructions are available online and very well done (it must be said that if the quality of the final product is like that of Rapid Whale’s communication, your mini boat will never give you problems).
Rapid Whale's motorboat mimicry under sailHowever, the size of the finished boat, which It also provides for its beautiful peaks (here, don’t expect the Pax wardrobe volumes mentioned above, but the snack and an extra jacket you can take with you) are 1.80 meters long, 80 centimeters wide and 60 centimeters high, 45 of them under the waterline. The weight in running condition is 48 kg, 30 of boat and 10 between batteries and motor . Ah, there is also a limit for the commander, if you are taller than 1.83 centimeters you cannot use it, but if you weigh over 91 kilograms you just have to go on a diet. To see it in action there are the general presentation video and those of the first launch, stability test and Boat Party.

Mini motor boat cockpit made of marine plywood
On the inside of Rapid Whale’s cockpit, you can see the joints of the masonry joining the plywood panels.

Rapid Whale's marine plywood open with electric motor



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