The new 8 kg electric outboard perfect for small tenders


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ePropulsion - eLite 500 W - In Navigation
ePropulsion – eLite 500 W – In Navigation

Named eLite is the latest outboard motor model unveiled by the ePropulsion company. With its 500 W of power, it becomes the entry level of a truly comprehensive range, which includes other models from 1 to
40 kW
and inboards up to 100 kW. Its truly low weight is a plus that could convince many-especially small- to medium-sized boat owners-to switch to electric.

Fast and lightweight to fix – ePropulsion eLite 500 w

The modern, sleek design is actually all about practicality, and in fact the engine looks really compact and comfortable to handle. The real strength is lightness, 7.9 kilograms, making it extremely maneuverable and easy to install on a wide range of boats, from rigid dinghies to inflatable ones to small fishing boats, The engine electric brushless offers a smooth and quiet ride, providing an unparalleled browsing experience with minimal vibration and noise. The quick-release mechanism allows the engine to be connected and disconnected from the transom in one click, plus the possible positions (140° of rotation) allow the engine to be pulled up fully for (for example) pulling the tender onto dry land when arriving at the beach. The height of the foot is adjustable once the motor is installed, and can be changed easily if necessary to suit the angle.

ePropulsion - eLite 500 W - Dry
ePropulsion – eLite 500 W – Dry

Despite its compact size, theePropulsion eLite manages to make the most of its battery in terms of performance. With a maximum power of 750 W and thanks to its 378 Wh lithium-ion battery, the ePropulsion eLite can travel up to 4 knots of speed cruising for about 45 minutes, but already by reducing the speed a little (by about a knot) you can double the range to About 1.5 hours. This combination of power and range provides great freedom of use without the fear of draining (and having to rush to recharge) the battery.

ePropulsion - eLite 500 W - Detail
ePropulsion – eLite 500 W – Detail

Speaking of charging-which is completed in about 4 hours-the ePropulsion eLite’s built-in battery can be recharged in several ways: 220c AC, 12V DC and solar charging with photovoltaic panels. The engine is also equipped with a USB-C output to charge in turn electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The user interface is intuitive and the controls simple; it is suitable for both the most “tech-savvy” sailors and beginners. In addition, it is extremely easy to maintain due to the lack of complex moving parts that require constant attention. This results in lower maintenance costs in the long run and greater peace of mind for users. And – last but not least – goodbye fuel canisters on board!

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