The new Boating Code is (finally) a reality: what changes for boaters


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Timeline met (and this is already news) for the new Boating Code, which went into effect last Feb. 13
. What will change, concretely, for sea-goers, you can understand through a long interview that the Journal of Sailing conducted with Roberto Neglia, Head of Institutional Relations for Ucina, which you can read here. (Instead here all the secrets between the folds of the Code).


In the official statement of UCINA Confindustria Nautica, the main promoter of the decree, the “hot” points of the Code are summarized.

Key points of the new Boating Code:
– Introduces the telematics archive and telematics boater’s desk for all document and ownership operations
– Sets stringent time limits for release of documents and clearance for removal from records
– Consolidates the Blue Seal, issued to avoid duplication of inspections, which can also be obtained upon request, from commercial units and on inland waters
– Protects watercraft by confirming non-registration up to 10 m and allows commercial use with a boat license
– Excludes exam for VHF use on vessels and for all those holding an rtl certificate
– clarifies certain aspects of leasing and also allows the user to carry out the operations inherent in the unit
– Supports the development of shipbuilding and refitting through the simplifications of the use of the test plate, provisional registration of units, simplification of registries for units registered in the international registry
– Recognizes the full dignity of commercial activities
– Introduces new professionals, including the recreational broker and sailing instructor
– regulates nautical schools and training centers
– Recognizes mooring assistance in marinas and assistance and towing at sea
– Applies recreational regulations to units registered in the International Registry
– provides for LPG engines
– establishes Sea Day – April 11 – in schools of all levels.



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