The new flagship arrives. It’s called Azimut Grande 44M


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Azimut Grande 44M
Azimut Grande 44M

Here comes an unprecedented flagship, the largest ever built by the shipyard. It is Azimut‘s “gentle giant,” the brand-new Grande 44M, a superyacht measuring 43.84 meters and strong with four decks, one of which can be devoted entirely to owner use. Already sold out in as many as 5 units, even before its debut (which took place these days at the Palm Beach International Boat Show 2024) the new Great 44M will not only be the new flagship, it will also be a milestones for the site who, here, introduces for the first time foil technologies, integrating them on a hull capable of hybridizing features from a typical displacement hull with stern lines from a planing hull. In short, an Azimut that is going to change the rules of the game while offering, at the same time, maximum comfort and the now characteristic marine “full-immersion” typical of the Large segment.

Azimut Grande 44M | PREVIEW

A new Great, a new mission, in this case aimed at combining and marrying technological innovation, a new and unprecedented design, and an increased focus on environmental sustainability, the latter reduced by the new hull and lower CO2 emissions. Overall, this will be a hull aimed at carrying forward the lifestyle of the line, going one step further. The four bridges instead of the traditional three are already evidence of this, but the project does not stop there. So let’s take a closer look at it in preview.

Azimut Grande 44M – Design and Volumes

The main thread of the concept, as with the previous Grande, is water, a key element in the approach to the design of the volumes and interiors (developed by m²atelier), which echo its fluidity, generating connected and continuous spaces, inevitably overlooking it. The lines are sleek, the profile is elegant and the volumes are light, drawn by different cuts, steps and windows. An approach that at times moves away from the previous family feeling, although reiterating elements and without deviating from the line’s key concept.

Azimut Grande 44M
Azimut Grande 44M

The design concept, a collaboration between the brand and Alberto Mancini, is based on a series of stylistic innovations that dictate the volumes of the hull. In fact, the adoption of 4 decks, as opposed to the traditional 3, allows a shift in space, with the wheelhouse positioned on the fourth, to the benefit of an upper deck that can be totally dedicated to owner use, complete with suite and private terrace overlooking the sea.

Azimut Grande 44M
Azimut Grande 44M

In the stern, however, the Mezzanine Deck and its Sea View Terrace, strong elements already on the Great Trideck, and here taken further with the inclusion of a See-through Pool, a transparent pool capable of further mutating environments through its play of light and caustics, are reintroduced. There is, of course, no shortage of the attached beach club.

Azimut Grande 44M

The 44M’s new layout, therefore, offers unprecedented volumes and interior development designed to balance the use of space with the aesthetic functionality dictated by the volumes themselves, offering more versatile areas that can be configured to the owners’ needs. If the upper deck and mezzanine deck thus offer a momentum toward the sea, the same is replicated in the bow, with the upper deck area that can be fitted out in different configurations, including a media room or a verandah area capable of accommodating up to 12 people, all while overlooking the sea. At the same time, between five and six cabins, dedicated to guests, will find room on board.

Azimut Grande 44M

Design and performance

The new Grande 44M, however, is not just about comfort and dedicated spaces for pleasure. In fact, the new flagship is also a complex object and the child of major technological steps and innovative solutions, all aimed at and directed toward an extremely advanced naval architecture that makes it not only the flagship of the line, but also the flagship of the Shipyard’s Low Emission Yacht family, models that offer a 20 to 30 percent reduction in emissions compared to more traditional naval architectures of similar size.

Azimut Grande 44M
Azimut Grande 44M

In terms of platform, Azimut Grande 44M is based on a Dual Mode hull strong with the introduction of Hull Vane technology and the fusion of two traditional hull types, with the aft section set in planing style, and the forward section typical of a fast displacement. A marriage that aims to ensure reduced fuel consumption and emissions throughout the range of expected speeds. A complex to which is added a carbon wing attached to the stern intended both to reduce the stern wave and to generate lift and forward thrust, a component that reduces overall drag, thus dampening not only fuel consumption, but also pitching, swaying and rolling under sail.

Finally, in terms of engines, the standard version includes 2 MAN 1550 hp engines, optionally replaceable by 2 MAN 1800 hp engines. Maximum speed, on the other hand, is around 17 knots.

Azimut Grande 44M – Data Sheet

Length Over All (LOA) 43.84 m
Standard Motorization 2x MAN 1550 hp
Optional Motorization 2x MAN 1800 hp
Maximum Speed 17 kn
Cabins 5/6 +5
Concept Azimut + Alberto Mancini
Design m²atelier
Naval Architecture Azimut Group|Benetti R&D + P.L. Ausonio Naval Architecture
Foil Technology Azimut Group|Benetti R&D + Hull Vane
Contact Azimut

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