The new Suzuki 4-cylinder outboards DF 115 BG – DF 140 BG


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outboard Suzuki DF115BG DF140BG
The new Suzuki DF115BG and DF140BG outboards.

The new Suzuki DF115BG and DF140BG outboards are born, mid-range engines become super tech!

Even the Japanese manufacturer’s mid-range engines thus become hi-tech. Technology that results in engines that are easier to manage and more efficient.

The new Suzuki DF115BG and DF140BG outboards.

No more mechanical connection. The new Suzuki DF115BG and Suzuki DF140BG 4-stroke outboards are the first of this power with drive-by-wire technology. How does it work? Thanks to it between the throttles and the motor there is a data connection, that is, an electrical cable is used that transfers each pulse much more faithfully and immediately.

From the throttle lever all the way under the grille is an actuator acts on the throttle valve to accelerate or decelerate more smoothly. Similarly with the gearbox, to engage forward, neutral and reverse gears.

Previously it was exclusive to 150 and 350 HP engines. Now Suzuki has also equipped its 115 HP and 140 HP inline four-cylinder models with such technology. Not only driveability: they also intervened on the 2.0-liter thermal unit, the beating heart of these models, changing its compression ratio to 10.6: 1. Thus it improves the efficiency of fuel use and thus combustion.

Fuel consumption of Suzuki DF115BG and DF140BG outboard engines.

Fuel consumption has also improved as a result of these implementations. Compared with the classic DF115A/DF140A, the new models offer savings, at cruising speed, of 5 percent to 6 percent and 5 percent to 7 percent, respectively, according to internal shipyard tests.

Given the heavy use of electronics the Suzuki DF115BG / DF140BG outboards take advantage of a 40-amp alternator. This ensures the best level of on-board battery charging, especially when idling the engine, such as when trolling.

It also changes the grille

Both of these new Suzuki outboards have a sportier, more aerodynamic designo and will be available immediately in Suzuki’s Pearl Nebular Black color scheme. From 2021 there will also be a Super Cool White option. The new DF115BG / DF140BG outboards are available in 20-inch (50 cm) long-stem (L) and 25-inch (63 cm) extra-long-stem (L) versions.

The redesigned grille incorporates a new air intake system that improves the inflow and separation of water spray. Also present and a muffler that, thanks to a resonator developed and adopted by Suzuki on almost all of its engines, allows noise to be lowered.

Easy maintenance and more protection

To facilitate routine maintenance operations, Suzuki designers positioned the engine oil filter so that it can be replaced by removing only the top of the grille. The new anti-fall device surrounding the oil filter holder will allow it to be replaced without oil spillage and thus without fouling the thermal unit.

To protect the engine from fuel that may be contaminated with water, Suzuki has also added a special fuel filter that is also easy to access and inspect.

The first DF115BG / DF140BG outboards will be available on the market in early 2021. The Suzuki DF115A and DF140A will continue to be on the Japanese manufacturer’s lists.

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