The outboard boom on cabin boats. These seven are special


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Unthinkable until a few years ago for a boat over 10 meters to install outboard instead of inboard motoring. The credit for this being a real revolution is the latest generation of outboards that are more powerful for the same weight and are now ultra-reliable. They also have all the advantages for using and maneuvering equally reliable electronics. The practical result in a boat is to have more useful space on board, precisely because the engines are “attached” to the stern and not inside the boat. Not the least of which is engine maintenance and inspection, which in an outboard is all by “sight,” ultrafacilitated compared to an inboard.

There are plenty of examples of boats from 9 to 15 meters equipped with outboard motors in the MYW Digital Boat Show. Here we show you seven examples of boats worth visiting in our digital boat show. Here they are.

Pixis 30 with two 300 hp outboards or three 200 hp outboards

The Pyxis 30 WA (m. 9.40 X 3.00) is enjoying great success. The reasons for this public liking lie in the ingenuity of its solutions, the attractive design, and, most importantly, for the fact that it feels like being aboard a small pocket superyacht. The shape of the hull is very elegant thanks to the designers of Akes Design and Carlo Galeazzi, big names made in Italy. In the stern, the cockpit can accommodate eight people, below decks are two generously sized double beds, and in the bow is a space you don’t expect with a very large sundeck in front of the console.

Don’t stop, find out what Pyxis 30 WA is like HERE.

Beneteau Antares 11 In Italy without license plate with two 300 hp outboards

On the brand-new Antares 11 and 11 Fly (new 2021), 9.90 meters hull length (in Italy without registration) was all it took to make a boat that is a small superyacht with a cockpit that opens (yes you read that right!), an upper cabin with galley, powered by two 300-horsepower outboards and with five beds in two cabins. And in the fly version a “second floor” where you can pilot, lie down, eat, and relax as if on a private terrace. Beneteau with Antares 11 and 11 Fly has made a boat that, you may have guessed, is a miracle of habitability. But it is also a boat with very modern, streamlined, elegant lines.

Find out HERE.

Toy 36 with two 300 hp outboards

It is Toy’s new 2021 outboard version of its iconic Toy 36. It is one of the most copied boats in recent motor boating history. The Toy 36 is considered the progenitor of the evolution of American lobster boats, with a modern twist and Italian flair. What about the boat? If you question a powerboat expert, he will speak nothing but good things about her, and if you see her on the dock, all you can say is: what class and elegance !!! You’d better click here to discover this 11-meter that many have copied but remains the original, unique, unrepeatable one. The Toy 36 like all other Toy (47/51/67) are boats built like a tailor-made suit, customized to the needs of each individual owner, as founder Aldo Tomasina tells in the interview, which you can find by clicking at the entrance to Toy Marine’s booth.

Learn about Toy 36 HERE

Fjord 38 Xpress with two 350-hp outboards

If you want to understand what the solution is, of 12/13 meters with outboard and cabin, here is the right example you can find in our digital boat show. The Fjord 38 Xpress is an 11.63 m x 3.64 m wide walkaround “med boat” with a sumptuous double cabin forward and a beautiful bathroom with shower. Instead, the super-equipped kitchen is located on the deck, open air. You just have to get on board here to understand with photos, videos, data sheet and floor plans what possibilities the Fjord 38 Xpress offers for even week-long cruising use away from the usual port. As for the engine, the Fjord Xpress 38 includes two 350-hp outboards and has a fuel tank capacity of 758 liters.

Learn all about the Fjord 38Xpress, HERE

Pardo 38 with three 350-hp outboards

Pardo Yachts’ Pardo 38 (11.90 meters) or when class is not water. The Pardo 38, the epitome of the open boat (but below deck there is one or two cabins with bathrooms) walkaround, that is, the boat where on deck you walk on a single plane, from bow to stern. Plenty of space on Leopard 38 for outdoor living, but sheltered by a T Top (an elegant roof) made of carbon fiber covering from the wheelhouse area to the dining area (with a table around from six comfortable seats), with the possibility of extending the coverage aft with a bimini. Outstanding performance with three outboards up to 350 each and over 50 knots of top speed .

Find out HERE.

Tecnorib Pirelli 42, two or three outboards for total 900 hp

And now we move on to the alternative, the Tecnorib Pirelli 42 maxirib We give you some glimpses of what you will find by virtually boarding the boat. The deck is like that of a large yacht, with a large bow sundeck offering comfort and safety, while the cockpit is equipped following the owner’s requests and allows for accommodations for up to 14 guests. Going below deck, despite the 13-foot dinghy and a tapered profile, the open-space interior cabin is tall and voluminous. The highlight is the motorization that has an outboard option where two or three engines can be installed for a total of 700 to 900 HP . The wealth of accessories the boat comes with and the countless customization choices can be found here. Good visit of Tecnorib Pirelli 42.

Find out HERE.

Sacs Rebel 47 with three 425-hp outboards

At the SACS Marine booth you will find the Sacs Rebel 47 Open Outboard. The offspring of the Sacs Rebel 47 Open Inboard, which uses inboard engines, the new 47 Outboard looks good right out of the box with three Yamaha mega-outboards of 425 hp each in the stern, pushing it to a top speed of 50 knots. It’s not just performance that is this superib’s strong point; the Sacs Rebel 47 Open Outboard has an amount of space above and below deck that was once unthinkable. We recommend that you look at the photo gallery now.

Find out HERE.



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