The speed record (with standard engine) is electric: 50 knots and zero emissions!


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New speed record with a series electric-powered motor boat. With a SAY29E Runabout Carbon, pilot Claas Wollschlaeger set a new speed record in the 8-10 meter boat class (UIM World Speed “Certificate” for 8-10 meter electric motor boats) during the IONIC in Zell am See.

Wet with splashes of water and champagne, satisfied and relieved with the performance, Wollschlaeger explained to the many photographers and journalists present during the trial, his six passes over the quarter nautical mile (463 meters). According to the strict UIM (Union International de Motornautic de Monaco), Claas had to test the performance of its SAY29E Runabout Carbon with two buoys placed one at the beginning and one at the end of the test track. Two high-speed cameras recorded all six runs and set the start and end times. The individual images were disassembled, and time was superimposed on the individual images. This enabled the IMU to determine an exact measurement result to four decimal places and in both directions. In run 3.1, the top speed was 51.29 knots (95.0 km/h), averaging with run 3.2. A new record compared to the current world record at 89 km/h (40.05 knots) for the time being only provisionally confirmed. The final result is expected after an even more thorough evaluation by UIM this week.

A record for serial yachts

“The ultralight carbon supersport yacht was built by the SAY shipyard in Wangen, Germany,” explains chief pilot and marketing manager Claas Wollschlaeger. “With a top speed of 51.3 knots, the SAY29E Runabout Carbon is currently unrivaled. The technology harnessed was developed by Kreisel Electric, Austria, the most innovative e-mobility developer in Europe. The hull of the SAY29E Runabout is 100 percent carbon. This gave us an extremely favorable power-to-weight ratio, making the boat the fastest electric boat in the world. The SAY carbon composite hull with its unique steep-angle “wave” profile literally cuts through the water, while the side fins provide maximum stability and a precise ride at extreme speeds. Thanks to the exceptionally slippery surface of our ultralight hulls, these yachts reach top speeds of up to 70 knots.” In order to comply with the constraints imposed by the international association that regulates this type of competition, the SAY29E used for the record is an absolutely standard specimen: anyone interested can drive, test and purchase the SAY29E. Deliveries will begin from next spring, with a planned number of 20-25 boats in 2019.



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