The multifunctional touchscreen (made of Murano glass) for the steering wheel.


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Gussi Murano - Touchscreen for the steering wheel
Gussi Murano – Touchscreen for the steering wheel

How to improve an element that has been the same practically since it was invented, such as the steering wheel? A few ways are there, one demonstrated by the homegrown company Gussi Italia with its Murano, a novelty never before seen in the industry. The latest product unveiled by the company at Mets in Amsterdam is a steering wheel that has been “rethought” in its functions and features a strong Made in Italy appeal. Also highly appreciated by the Dame Award jury, which listed it among the most interesting innovations of the year. Here are what its characteristics are.

Murano – An intuitive and refined controller for the steering wheel

Style, elegance but also a lot of functionality. The Murano touchscreen from Gussi (Syntec Insdustries Group) is a truly new product that encompasses within it all the features we have listed. Made from the eponymous Murano glass, one of the most renowned excellences of Made in Italy, the multifunction display connects to the boat’s electronics and allows a simple touch to control various controls, from audio to lights to speed, autopilot, trim, and even cameras. It can be installed on the Sinel, Bolca and Corvina steering wheels of the Gussi Italia brand and some compatible steering wheels of other brands, offering absolutely out-of-the-box functionality. The Murano display is fully waterproof and interfaces with all wired home automation and control systems via CANBUS or NMEA 2000 network and on-board infotainment grazi the touchscreen and the two rear flaps, called Power Wings, to which on-screen controls are associated. By simply touching the controls, you can control the corresponding function on the screen, such as turning lights on and off, data and engine status, to more advanced functions such as trim or autopilot.

Un tender così non l’avete mai visto: tubolare classico, ma pagliolo trasparente!

To set additional functions, up to 14 on a single screen, it is useful to download theMurano app for iOS or Android, connect to the screen via Bluetooth, and select the ones you prefer, such as forward/backward navigation in the playing music library, volume level, and beeper. Thanks to the application, it is also possible to configure different screens and save them as defaults, such as isolating all audio-related controls to a single screen, lighting controls to another screen, and so on. If you have a camera on board your boat, it is possible to connect it to the display, to view directly in the center of the steering wheel what it is framing in real time.

Another very important function is the electronic gyroscope built into the display, which allows the screen to adapt to the position of the steering wheel (should it be moved during navigation) and remain in line with the horizon at all times, for the convenience and safety of those who are driving the boat. The interface is fully customizable in colors, and it is also possible to choose a logo to be shown in the center of the display (instead of the Gussi Italia logo).



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