The tow comes up by itself: with Quick Jump hands and boat thank you!


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Imagine no more getting your hands dirty when you retrieve the transom, no more having to resort to obnoxious ploys like tying it on the drapes of the neighboring boat every time you go out to leave your boat’s broadside intact. And to be able to dock in peace even on their own.

All this can be done with Quick Jump, the new remote-controlled automatic tug recovery system: it consists of a central power unit (246 x 215 x 162 mm), made of reinforced plastic (a small solar panel is placed on the unit to recharge the 12v battery that powers the motors) and two self-sinking buoys.

All you have to do is press the button on your remote control, and the mooring line will automatically rise to the boarding point in 10 seconds, and you can also choose which broadside to act on first. You will only have to retrieve it with the half sailor et voila! Once you have moored, the buoys will return to the bottom after 90 seconds.

The Quick Jump kit includes in addition to the central unit and buoys: the remote control; an auxiliary battery charger to be used in case of low sun exposure; a lined power hose; the shackle for fixing the unit in the dock; the removable adhesive clamps (for installation of the buoys and they are used to fix on the transom the point of contact with the free water surface, then you can remove them); two 8 mm ropes (in case you need to replace the existing trappe, because these turn out to be larger than 20 mm in diameter and therefore not passing through the hole present in the buoys); a can of anti-vegetative spray with which to treat, during installation, the parts that go into the water.

The system installs in 30 minutes and requires no maintenance. It only takes 3 simple steps.

– Identify a spot on the dock or pier and secure the central unit with the steel shackle provided.
– Install the surfacing buoys to the mooring lines or tow and leave them in the water.
– Connect the supply pipes to the central unit.

Once assembled, the Quick Jump will not need to be disassembled except to be uninstalled from your berth, it recharges itself using solar panels, and it is strong and durable.

The kit with a single bowl costs 399 euros, the one with two 699. You can order it or ask for info directly HERE



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