The yacht made of carbon, Kevlar and titanium. His name is Mirarri (16.7 m)


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The Mirarri (16.7 m)

The world of motor boating is a constantly evolving realm, always in pursuit of innovation and new solutions. Riding on this quest, from the UAE (United Arab Emirates) comes a new brand: its name is Mirarri and it is the new creature of Rasheed Al Shaali. His goal? Luxury, performance and innovation. And, with the first hull now under construction, we can see what direction the project has taken. Here is the first Mirarri, a 55-foot (16.7 m) built of carbon, Kevlar and titanium, with a futuristic look and strong organic shapes and cutting-edge technology.

Enata Marine: Mirarri Yacht

Starting with the origins, we find Timur Bozca, the designer behind the project who was able to bring Rasheed Al Shaali‘s vision to life. Behind the construction, however, is a versatile shipyard engaged in building projects for the maritime, aerospace and industrial sectors: it is Enata Group, with a portfolio covering from the Foiler (we told you about it HERE) to drones capable of flying at Mach 0.7… A combination of extreme cutting-edge figures and professional realities, in short, to bring to life a hull of equal vision, futuristic and high-tech. Awaiting the delivery of the first hull (2025), here is the first Mirarri preview.


Mirarri – Design and Exteriors

Upright foredeck, windows cutting through the hull and glass dome providing protection to the entire cockpit and salon on deck. The whole, concluded by a water-side aft bridge topped by cantilevered sundeck. Seasoning this mix of ingredients is a futuristic design, to say the least, where load-bearing elements and volumes come together in an organic manner throughout the design, a component particularly evident in the main superstructure, a transparent roof composed of opening modules designed on a honeycomb-like structure. But the futuristic lines are not limited to the whole, and are indeed even more present in the details, in the curves that draw sofas and seats, as well as in the interior. But let’s start from the beginning.


The first welcoming element aboard the Mirarri is the aft platform, developed as an extension of the hull itself, almost monolithic, on which a chaise longue sundeck for three people projects out to sea. Behind this, higher up in the cockpit, a BBQ top is integrated into the structure, served by three stools. Also here, in the cockpit, two settees follow the deck, accompanying the three steps leading up to the covered salon, the true centerpiece of the deck. In the bow, however, accessible through a passage in the windshield, two sofas on the broadside create an outdoor convivial space.

the first Mirarri, here with the dome panels wide open

Under the “glazed dome,” as we mentioned, the hall comes to life, completely immersed in the panorama. Here, several openings allow air circulation, while a minimal, futuristic design decorates the spaces. A very aesthetically appealing solution, this one, which, however, will need some contrivance to escape the heat that might be created underneath when the sun beats down hard.

The Mirarri Hall


While the precise layout of the interior is not yet known, we do know, however, that they continue on the wave of the overall design, furnished with elements that, as happens on deck, continue each other in a fluid and cohesive design. Entering from the living room, you are thus immersed in a first area complete with a convivial area and kitchen. Here, a sofa with a table serves for meals.

A preview of the interior furnishings of the new MirarriOn the other hand, two full-beam double cabins serve the sleeping area, with custom-designed furniture elements and versatile solutions, such as double beds that can be converted into V-shaped singles by translation.

A preview of the guest cabin, with the double bed separating into two singles



In terms of construction, the Mirarri is made with the most developed technologies through a mixture of Kevlar, Carbon fiber and Titanium. A solution that aims to ensure maximum lightness, while offering the highest structural criteria and allowing, at the same time, the adoption of an alternative design, as proposed by the dome of the hall, inspired by birds’ nests and absolutely self-supporting and structural.

Mirarri – Data Sheet

Length Over All (LOA) 16.7 m
Cabins 2
Kitchen 1
Construction site Enata Marine

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