These are the accessories you must have to renovate your boat


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The winter period is used by many boat owners to think and dream about accessories to be installed on their boat. Everyone dreams of getting back on board as soon as possible, and looking for a few new things to install with which to “pamper” your jewel is a bit like spending time on a boat even when you’re home in the cold. That is why the world’s most important trade show dedicated to accessories-the Mets in Amsterdam (where we saw the “transformer” platform and the electric outboard that looks like a piece of design)-is taking place right around this time. However, there is another boat show where you can find the right accessories for your boat, which takes place year-round and is always open. It is called Boat Show and you can find it within our website. Here are five boat upgrade accessories you can find there.

Check out all the latest exhibits inside our Boat Show

1 – Boat Accessories. The plug-and-play desalinator.

Schenker - Wiki

With Schenker’s new Wiki portable desalinator, you can have fresh water on board any boat without having to install a bulky and heavy machine. Wiki is activated in very few minutes, simply through the quick-connect fittings. What’s more, you can choose to activate it only when you need it, for example, when you are stationary in a roadstead, and it is easily carried on and off the boat (or from boat to boat) with the bag provided.

2 – The reverse osmosis of Osmosea

Reverse osmosis is the process behind the operation of desalinators that an Italian company in Marsala produces. The name, Osmosea, recalls precisely the filtration technique that allows, for example, compact desalinators on small boats. From 24 liters/hour to more than 600 liters/hour-the range is really wide.

3 – Boat Accessories. The easy mooring winch

Boat Accessories CLR Mooring Winch - Harken
CLR Mooring Winch – Harken

Harken finds a solution to your mooring problems. The revolutionary CLR mooring winch that enables, with the push of a button, the automatic pulling or releasing of mooring lines. In addition, the CLR is telescopic and disappears flush with the deck when not in use. No clutter and risk of stepping on feet when walking on the deck. In addition, it is incredibly light and takes up very little space below deck.

4 – The Cork Blanket

Boat Accessories

MarineCork processed cork is the lightest material available for deck coating. In addition to weight, the advantages of cork are several. As it gets wet, it increases its non-slip properties, increasing grip; cork also is a thermal insulator so it does not get hot in the sun, does not scald feet, and protects the area below deck from heat and cold.

5 – The resin coating

Boat Accessories PVC Permateek - Refit Style
PVC Permateek – Refit Style

The resin processed by Refit Style is extremely versatile and can be molded into different shapes and cuts, depending on the desired effect on the deck. Thicknesses up to solid wood can be created, if desired even with an aluminum core to lighten the resin casting while still maintaining the solidity of the piece, for example, to make handrails. In addition to the advantage of customization, the resin is a lightweight yet wear- and grease-resistant product, thus maintaining its appearance and non-slip properties over time



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