This 60-knot carbon boat is all-Italian. It is called Superbia 28


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Superbia 28' Occhilupo
Superbia 28′ Occhilupo

In Italy, although the past two years have not been easy, the minds of young designers have not stood still. Just at this time, a boat was born that manages to combine the latest technologies in terms of materials construction and design. It is called Occhilupo Superbia 28′ by Occhilupo Yacht&Carbon, is 100 percent carbon, 100 percent Italian, promises 60 knots of speed and will make its debut at the Cannes Boat Show Sept. 7-12.

Occhilupo Superbia 28′

This project is the brainchild of Alessandro Occhilupo who, after working for over 10 years for brands such as Lamborghini and Ferrari, decided to start his own project. The goal? Bringing cutting-edge construction techniques specific to the supercar world to the nautical world. The main material is carbon, which allows these boats to keep the weight extremely low and thus achieve high speeds. For the first design the Superbia 28′ the estimated maximum speed is about 60 knots with two 225-horsepower outboards.

How is this possible? From the very beginning of the project there has been an approach to maximize the power-to-weight ratio. Through numerous fluid-dynamic and structural analysis tests everything was optimized to the maximum to create a light, fast and extremely strong boat. This is also made possible by the use of carbon and the vacuum infusion process, which ensures a composite with the best ratio of resin to fabric by weight. At the same time it also protects the environment and those who work on the boat. This is because volatile solvents are enclosed within the vacuum envelope and do not leak into the environment.

Superbia 28 occhilupo
Superbia 28 occhilupo

“It was crucial,” Alessandro Occhilupo, founder of the shipyard, tells Barche a Motore, “certainly the hydrodynamic optimization of the water lines, but also of the aerodynamic performance of the deadrise, which was the subject of analysis especially to improve comfort in the cockpit at high speeds. We as the first goal want to create a luxury sports car, this must convey the first model. Meanwhile, the first example of Superbia 28′ is already ready and will make its debut in Cannes at the September show.”

Occhilupo Superbia 28′ – Design

The design of the Superbia 28′ comes from the hand of designer Gianluca Meschino, who put the focus on a sporty look for the exterior lines without forgetting a livable and comfortable deck. The result is an elegant and aggressive 28-footer. The boat given its characteristics also turns out to be customizable in many ways from deck layout to outfitting details.

“One of our strengths,” concludes Francesco Lichelli, Spearhead of the Sales Team, “is that in a young team we have managed to bring together experience and expertise from a wide variety of fields. In this way the boat is developed and produced virtually 100 percent in-house. In this way we want to keep the quality maximum in all aspects concerning the boat.”

Following the launch of the Occhilupo Superbia 28′, two other boat projects sharing the same DNA, but declined on larger dimensions, are already under development.

Data Sheet of the boat: Occhilupo Superbia 28′

  • LOA: 8.5 m
  • B.max: 2.41 m
  • Engines: 2 x 225 hp outboard
  • Weight: 1250 kg
  • Fuel: 270 l
  • Design cat: B/C
  • People: 7
  • Top speed: +60 knots



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