This electric catamaran (8 meters) is among the revolution boats of 2021


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Frauscher Time Square 20
Frauscher Time Square 20

It had been in the air for a few months, when on
Frauscher Magazine
, the shipyard’s official magazine, the first renderings of this electric catamaran had appeared. Now we know it’s getting serious: Frauscher TimeSquare 20, Frauscher’s 20-meter quatri walkable electric catamaran, is coming.

Frauscher TimeSquare 20: the electric catamaran

Frauscher is a shipyard that over time has already demonstrated its focus on the development of electric boating. Now we see how this process continues apace with the arrival of an all-electric catamaran that aims to create a next-generation bathing boat.

Why an electric catamaran? . The TimeSquare20 combines an electric motor with a marine platform such as a catamaran, which is known to allow less water resistance, greater efficiency and lower energy consumption are achieved. The focus was on the needs of Frauscher’s existing and potential customers. The result? A propulsion technology that makes the boat extremely maneuverable and quiet.

“With TimeSquare 20, we have redefined electric boating,” explains Michael Frauscher, the shipyard’s CEO. the heart of the concept? Excellent driving characteristics with low energy requirements-we have created a refuge on the water with all the amenities you would want from a boat”

Interesting comment from Frauscher’s importer in Italy, Mauro Feltrinelli of Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli

“This new model marks a bold, provocative step forward toward the development of electric boats and environmentally friendly recreational units, which is essential to reach market segments and areas of use now unreachable by the traditional powerboat, such as marine parks, protected basins, both in inland waters and at sea. I particularly want to mention that Frauscher has built in its history more than 3,000 electric boats destined for inland waters in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. In those places the demand has created a market. In Italy I hope that what will create a new market is a new sensibility and superior products like the TimeSquare 20.”

TimeSquare 20 Frauscher: layout

TimeSquare 20 is a seating and relaxation area on the water. Form stability, given the double hull, is typical of catamarans. Everything on the deck is designed for enjoying a day on the water with friends: a refrigerator for cold drinks with a bar area, a sunroof for shelter in the hottest hours, two large and comfortable sundecks, and a high-end sound system complete the deck plan. The use of materials such as carbon fiber not only look good but also reduce weight.

Frauscher TimeSquare 20: motorization

Two electric outboard motors with up to 2 times 10 kW continuous power and a battery capacity of up to 30 kWh provide propulsion to achieve attractive speeds in total silence. In addition, this makes it easy to control the boat during mooring phases.

Frauscher Timesquare 20 thus offers not only a new dimension in design and comfort in the field of marine electric mobility, but also a quantum leap in efficiency and autonomy. With this in mind, the use of materials such as carbon also helps to reduce the weight of the boat, consequently increasing its performance and energy savings.

TimeSquare 20 Frauscher. Why revolution?

Why should an 8-meter electric catamaran be revolutionary? Explaining it to us is Mauro Feltrinelli of the eponymous Nautica Feltrinelli.

“It is state of the art and really changes the rules of the game. The point is not just not to pollute, but right now is to consume as little as possible: if you consume as little as possible, you need less energy-that’s what being green means in my opinion. A catamaran like this brings with it a new approach, a different way of experiencing the sea.”

The revolution is in the mindset switch: a powerboat designed for a new use, different from what has been done so far. A boat that paves the way for a new generation of boaters by offering a new and current product. The starting point is water lines, a simple idea, but as relevant as ever.

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