This is Bolide 170. The Italian yacht (50 m) 70 knots.


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Bolide 170
Bolide 170

Bolide 170 is the latest innovation from Brunello Acampora and his Victory Design studio. We are talking about a 50-meter Italian yacht that will be capable of sailing at 70 knots thanks to a unique concentration of technology. For example, a propulsion system with six 2,200-horsepower MAN engines and surface propellers, or a version with four gas turbines. Then have you ever seen a steppe hull on a 50-meter yacht? And perhaps yacht and just in this case confusing, it gives an idea of slowness that hardly suits the Bolide 170. More apt perhaps to say Hyper Muscle Yacht, as this project is called.

This project was premiered at the Monaco Yacht Show 2022.


Bolide 170 – The 70-knot Italian yacht (50 m)

Bolide 170 will be the flagship of the Bolide range. Do you remember the 24-meter, 75-knot yacht, the
Bolide 80
? This model is now joined by a significantly larger version. Obviously these are exclusive hulls, created to cater to a very specific audience. Suffice it to say that for in-house construction Victory involved an Italian excellence such as Persico Marine with the supervision of Eng. Eugenio Voltolina, water performance specialist, who serves as project manager and inspiring member of the project.

Bolide 170 yacht 70 knots
Bolide 170

What does the Bolide 170 look like? There are immediately two versions: the diesel version involves the use of a light alloy for the hull with a carbon superstructure. In this case the six MANs have a new “triple staggered” geometry, that is, with the engines staggered and not all in line, in order to distribute weight and offer more comfortable layour solutions as well. These six motors pair with a T-Drive by Flexitab & TS propulsion system of six surface propellers, with no generator installation, to which two electric motors are also added. The estimated maximum speed in this case is 50 knots.

Then there is the 4-turbine gas turbine version that will have a composite hull and a hybrid electric apparatus with state-of-the-art battery pack. This hybrid system will be capable of launching this 50-meter boat at over 70 knots. To manage a behemoth this size and this muscular, the interface plays a key role. Victory, therefore, chose Boening and Xenta as partners for this project, partly because safely maneuvering a 70-knot yacht is certainly not a secondary issue.

Bolide 170
Bolide 170 – Aft Beach Club

What about at the level of living opera? The Bolide range is intended to enhance performance, and it is clear that a 50-meter reaching such speeds cannot be zero-impact. The design effort, however, led to the creation of the most efficient hull possible with months of research and CFD studies by Victory. Such work for which two patents have been filed and which sees this model as the largest yacht with a steppe hull ever made.

Bolide 170 – Blanket

On the deck the new Bolide 170 the focus, in line with the latest market requirements, is on livability of space and contact with the sea. There are five cabins on board, including a master suite, and an all-crew area. The usability of on-board spaces is linked to the study of more intimate areas where guests can enjoy more privacy without, however, hindering the work of the crew on board. Among the goodies, undoubtedly, is the huge beach club with an aft pool that can be expanded thanks to the folding bulwarks, now a must-have for a large number of boat owners.


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