This is the “must-have” carbon boat shower of 2023


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Dream Carbon Y
Dream Carbon Y

Elegance is in the details. Especially on large yachts, 20 meters and up, even a “simple” element like an outdoor shower can be distinctive, exclusive, and sought-after. Why settle, then, for a standard product when the market makes available true “made in Italy” gems?

Think, for example, of the Dream Carbon Y by inoxstyle, where the right alchemy between the materials-carbon fiber and marine grade stainless steel-and the shapes creates a design element that hardly goes unnoticed. Let’s take a closer look at it.

inoxstyle – Dream Carbon Y

First, however, a brief premise: inoxstyle is a company born from the know-how of true craftsmen, specializing in the world of luxury yachting, especially in connection with Viareggio, one of the world hubs of the industry. From this experience came a very strong specialization in showers, particularly for yachting, but not only, such as precisely the Dream Carbon Y.

Dream Carbon Y
Stainless detail of the Dream Carbon Y shower head

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Dream Carbon Y – Features

Designed by Giancarlo Vegni, this shower showcases sinuous lines, the use of real carbon fiber throughout, except for only a few inserts and the lever, made of 316 stainless steel with manual mirror polishing in multiple passes of “nautical finish,” a special inoxstyle treatment by which the company’s products stay cleaner longer than others and are not afraid of scale deposited by atmospheric precipitation. These are the distinctive features that make this shower actually unique in the market.

As with any quality product, in addition to form there is, clearly, function. Carbon fiber takes the lead and combines very high strength and low weight, so that the shower can also be nimbly removed when not needed. The appeal of the textures and quality of this composite material, widely used in aerospace and motorsport for its properties, gives the product a technical yet luxurious and elegant appearance.

On high-end yachts for which this shower was created, it is certainly not nice to have exposed hoses. How to do it? The shower has a stand that supports the shower and allows the water connections to be hidden under the boat deck. At the same time this also speeds up assembly and removal before sailing. It is also available with classic side quick couplings for installation on boats with existing water connections.

In boating, versatility is also important, which is why this shower is available in both single-body and “breakable,” that is, divisible into two parts. A nice advantage that greatly simplifies stowage on board.

Dream Carbon Y
Dream Carbon Y

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