This new anchor from Quick is ideal for boats up to 13 meters


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Still Olympic - Quick
Still Olympic – Quick

A new range of anchors born from the design office of
was unveiled at the recent boat shows in Cannes and Genoa. After a lengthy engineering process, production of the first two examples of the Olympic range, the 16- and 20-kilogram models, has begun. Key features: higher penetrative capacity and better weight distribution.

An unusual but functional form

The first two examples presented, 16 and 20 kg, are ideal for use on boats between 10 and 13 meters in length, with a displacement of between 6 and 10 tons. Quick has designed an innovative shape for these new anchors, with a center of gravity shifted far toward the end due in part to the larger amount of lead (and thus more weight) inserted in the front of the fluke.

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With this shrewdness adopted at the design stage, the anchor is able to penetrate more forcefully into the seabed ensuring a better anchorage. Greater weight in the front area but less in the rear area, this is the “magic formula” that in addition to better penetrative ability, facilitates the ascent during hauling.

Innovative system under patent

The silhouette also features a distinctive design, with small fins that keep the Olympic perpendicular to the bottom when anchoring. The entire spindle area is very compact, with the weight minimized by using stamped plates. In this way, Olympic anchors can be adapted to as many boats and snouts as possible. Currently, the anchor and its duplex joint, with the self-hoisting system, are in the patent phase. In fact, the special combination of joint and eyelet allows the anchor to tip over and always assume the correct position when being hauled, fitting perfectly to the nose.

The Olympic anchor is installed fore and aft of the Nimbus T11, Quick’s “floating showroom” featured at boat shows, and aboard which the best of the Italian brand’s accessories portfolio can be seen in operation.



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