This product keeps boat surfaces clean (even for years)


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Titan One
Archive photo – Flybridge of the Pardo 60 Endurance

What if we told you there was a product that could keep your boat’s glass and metal surfaces clean for years? You probably wouldn’t believe it, but not only does it exist, you can find it at Milan Yachting Week. We are talking about the Titan One line, from the Polytechno Engineering brand, including a series of products designed for sanitizing and cleaning metal surfaces and glass: the solution to always having everything clean on board.

Titan One, so you clean boat surfaces every 7 years

What do these products we are telling you about look like? They are actually simple water-based products enriched with nanotechnology. For example, once Titan One is applied to windows, it is activated by sunlight and transforms pollutants into nitrogen, a gas already present in the air.

Once the product is laid down,” the manufacturer states, “there is no need to clean the surfaces for a long time, even up to 7 years, as the water-repellent treatment will slide off rain and sea water, providing considerable savings not only in terms of time, but also in terms of money. The action of the Titan One product cleans and purifies surfaces, sanitizing them through antiviral and antibacterial action, without altering the original characteristics of the treated material.

Like the product for glass, the Titan One product designed specifically for metal makes dirt slide off while preventing acetic salt mists from damaging the surface, maintaining the original color and gloss characteristics.

To learn more and get in touch

Click here to enter Polytechno Engineering ‘s booth now to learn more, including through an interesting video interview, about this and other products of the brand, and if you want to contact them, just click on the email or whatsapp button.




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