Tiller Arm for outboard engines up to 200 hp

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19 November 2019
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21 November 2019

tiller armUsing the outboard tiller, even with small displacement models (for example, a 25 horsepower) is tiring: beyond the necessary work on the throttle, you will have to manage the high torque transmitted on the bar, to keep the course straight. Imagine, then, when the horsepower of your engine is high: it is impossible to think of steering an engine, starting from 50 horsepower, “by the arm” unless you are a very strong and patient guy.

tiller arm

Heart of the system is the electro-hydraulic valve with attached tank.

Bye bye wheelhouse

Tiller Arm is an Italian system developed Ultraflex that allows you to use an outboard of 200 horsepower with the tiller, thanks to a system that reduce the torque of the propeller on the handle, allowing the tiller to be steered even with a powerful engine. The advantages are many: more reactive manoeuvres and above all the possibility of eliminating the steering console, saving space on board.

tiller arm

The big question: why? 

This solution is very popular in the world of boats designed for fishing and professional boating. The product is strong in America on “bass boats” but also in the Mediterranean, especially in the Venetian lagoon where it is in great demand on traditional Venetian “mice”.

“The outboard system supplies the arm, to which we connect an electro-hydraulic valve, complete with tank and fittings, and the hydraulic cylinder that must be installed directly on the engine”, tells us at METS in Amsterdam Giorgio Avigdor, product manager of Ultraflex. We interviewed him in the video below. www.ultraflexgroup.com




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