Tohatsu goes electric with Ilmor. The first outboard is 6 kW


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Outboard 6 kW - Tohatsu-Ilmor - Sailing
Outboard 6 kW – Tohatsu-Ilmor – Sailing

Tohatsu, the historic Japanese manufacturer of endothermic outboards born more than a century ago, is also preparing for the green transition. It does so by signing a landmark partnership with Anglo-American manufacturer Ilmor Marine. The brand, founded in 1984 and active on prominent stages in auto racing-from IndyCar to NASCAR-landed in 2001 in the marine industry as well.

This partnership has a specific goal: to produce a complete new line of electric outboard motors. The first model in this range is a 6 kW (about 8 hp) outboard that closely resembles theION, the model presented at Mets 2023 by Ilmor. By pooling their diverse knowledge and experience in the field, the two companies aim to create a range of electric motors that can become the benchmark for sustainable boating today and tomorrow. As we saw some just a month ago withYamaha’s acquisition of Torqeedo, the road to the transition to electric is now marked, at least for the lower-middle power range.

What the first Ilmor-Tohatsu 6 kW electric outboard will look like.

Outboard 6 kW - Tohatsu-IlmorTilt
Outboard 6 kW – Tohatsu-IlmorTilt

The first Ilmor-Tohatsu-branded electric models will be launched in the U.S., Canadian, and European markets during 2024. The features of the first 6 kW outboard have not yet been unveiled, but we can imagine that it will inherit much from theION Electric developed by Ilmor itself, and in fact resembles it aesthetically as well. This outboard-which is already on the market-features a superslim design in the “emerged” part while the foot is quite bulky. Below is its data sheet.

Left is Ilmor's ION Electric outboard, right is the first Tohatsu-Ilmor electric outboard
Left is Ilmor’s ION Electric outboard, right is the first Tohatsu-Ilmor electric outboard
  • 6 kW Continuous power
  • 7 kW when Boost mode is activated
  • 48-volt system
  • Integrated trim
  • RGB LED lighting
  • Automatic algae detection
  • Configurations with lithium or lead-acid batteries

What we do know is that the first outboard developed by Tohatsu and Ilmor will have electric trim and tilt, several options for foot length and propeller size, and a touch-screen control panel and to keep track of charge/discharge and power parameters.

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