These are the top inflatables of 2022


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LTN - LTN 30 Quantum
LTN 30 Quantum

Top Inflatables 2022

Dinghies, or ribs, as they may be, now populate the waters of our seas in abundance, and upon closer inspection. Agile, simple in use and often particularly comfortable and high-performing, they prove to be ideal vehicles for daily outings and beyond. From smaller models to maxi-ribs, we have compiled for you a review of some of the top inflatables from our Dinghy Dossier 2022, which came out in Motor Boats No. 25, whether these are day-cruisers, cabin cruisers, or true maxi-ribs.

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Top inflatables of 2022

Lomac Granturismo [7 .0 – 14.0 m]

Finding the right inflatable boat, the one that will make the whole family happy, is not easy. First, it must be safe, especially when there are little ones on board. Then it must combine the comfort of the on-board areas with a performing and maneuverable hull and, why not, also have an exterior line capable of winning the eye. Lomac, a Milan-based manufacturer of inflatable boats, has a range that is designed specifically for this: it is called GranTurismo and it is that right mix of cruising and performance, declined in various sizes. Characteristics, these, that on the market make these boats suitable both as luxury tenders and simply as maxi-ribs. Starting from the top, dominating the scene is the flagship, the GranTurismo 14.0, among the brand’s absolute most exclusive models.

The range to date consists of five inflatable boats from 7.0 up to about 14 meters, including the latest model, the GranTurismo 7.0, a model capable of declining on a smaller size all the elements that have made Lomac GranTurismos famous around the world. Let’s start with the design and water lines, which bear the signature of Federico Fiorentino capable of declining his experience in dinghies that combine the exclusivity of high-end boating with the performance of racing boats. In ten years of working with the Lombard shipyard, Federico Fiorentino has developed a large number of dinghies for the yard. With the GranTurismo, the project focused on creating ribs that would offer the owner the possibility of carrying out almost total customization, starting with the color of the tubulars and cushions, and ending with the color of the gelcoat on the hull and deck. In this way each of these Lomacs leaves the shipyard following exactly the taste and needs of its owner, creating unique boats each time. Getting into more technical aspects, the GranTurismo line was born from several years of dedicated study that led to the development of hulls optimized with specific CFD studies, vacuum infusion lamination of vinylester resin, neopentyl gelcoat and aramid fibers-known for their strength-to reinforce t-top, deck and hull.

Lomac Granturismo 14.0

Ranieri International – Cayman 23 & 26 Sport Touring [7 .1 & 7.8 m]

There are not only maxi inflatables on the market; on the contrary. Demonstrating the link with small pleasure craft, Soverato-based Ranieri International for 2022 has launched no less than two new 7.1- and 7.8-meter models that update the Sport Touring range, declining on these units all the experience gathered by the shipyard even on much larger models. Between the two it is difficult to choose, so we decided to include both in this review. Ranieri International with these two new rebs updates down the ST range, bringing many new features to two pure day boats, ideal for relaxed inshore trips.

Let’s start with the smallest by far, the Cayman 23.0 Sport Touring (7.1 x 2.8 m), which sees revamped water lines and promises total performance and control with up to 250 horsepower for 800 kg dry weight. On the deck, the restyling brings in a bow sundeck with a counterbalanced storage locker underneath, a two-person seat (usable either seated or standing) with an updated, more protective console in front, and a stern equipped with a drop-down table where one can sit for aperitifs by the sea. It is important to note that a dressing room cabin is located forward of the console, which can have an electric marine toilet upon request. Turning instead to its older sibling, the Cayman 26.0 Sport Touring, we see how the same philosophy has been declined on an equally wide raft, but 70 centimeters longer, with a dry weight of 1,250 kilograms and 300 horsepower as maximum output. Particularly on the 26.0, the greater livability of the aft area emerges, where the bridge seating can also be positioned to create a true convivial area, equipped with an additional table or sun deck.


    Ranieri International Cayman 26 Sport Touring

Zar Formenti Zar 85 SL [8 .5 m]

Unmistakable, known all over the world and rarely going unnoticed: we are talking about the Zar Formenti inflatable boats and the ZAR 85 SL. It is not the shipyard’s newest addition, but it is among the most iconic of the Sport Luxury range, a family of ribs that focuses on high-performance hulls combined with a deck plan capable of enhancing luxury and customization, all in just over 8 meters. The Tsars, like the 85 SL, are made in-house by the shipyard, which also does the hull design. In this case, the deck plan was designed by Spanish designer Carlos Vidal, but each of these examples comes out unique because the owner is indulged in all his or her customization wishes.

It starts with a spacious cockpit with C-shaped sofa, removable center table, and cabinet with galley and sink immediately in front. This makes it possible to spend an entire day on board with the ability to prepare food even in a more “organized” way than the classic sunset aperitif. When spending many hours in the sun, it also becomes essential to have shelter. Therefore, a canopy is stowed under the cockpit seat in the area furthest aft to cover this entire area. To get to the bow there is a large passageway on the left, which is wider due to the asymmetric position of the console. Here we find a second convivial area, with a layout that includes a rather wide C-shaped sofa, which can become a single sundeck. Safety is a central element on this dinghy, as evidenced by the handrails and high bulwarks, designed, however, in a way that does not detract from the sporty lines. Seeing the Tsar 85 SL from the outside it would not look like it, but under the bow there is also a double cabin with an optional bathroom. The 500-horsepower maximum engine allows this rib to reach absolutely remarkable speeds. Interestingly, it is at the highest cruising speeds, above 25 knots, that the hull best expresses its qualities.

Zar Formenti - Zar 85 SL
Zar Formenti – Zar 85 SL

New Jolly NJ 850 XL [8 .7 m]

The latest addition to the New Jolly family is the NJ 850 XL, 8.73 meters long and with a 3.35-meter beam, now the new flagship of the NJ XL family. Ideal both as an inflatable boat for day trips and for those who are into nautical camping, it has three large storage spaces on its side, to which is added a floor space that can accommodate clear and black water tanks if necessary, and a possible central mobile locker. The large surfaces available are versatile, so that every space can be used according to the moment, starting with the aft area, which turns from a sunbathing area into a dining area. The two dashboard seats are fixed, but hide a small wet-bar equipped with a sink and kitchenette underneath. In the bow of this section, however, a refrigerator has been carved out.

The dashboard on the center console is spacious and can accommodate everything needed by those who want to sail. In the front part is a cabin with a chemical toilet, which can also be used as a locker. However, the real lounging area of this rib remains the bow, where a full-width sundeck (which also becomes a table with a C-shaped sofa) has been designed with storage space underneath. Despite its far from ordinary width, this New Jolly retains its sporty lines and can be powered by a single 450-horsepower outboard or two outboards up to 225 HP. Depending on the need, this rib can install T-top or a fiberglass or stainless steel roll cage.


New Jolly NJ850 XL
New Jolly NJ850 XL


LTN 30 Quantum [9 .53 m]

Speaking of high-quality inflatable boats, there is an Italian company that has made aluminum its hallmark. It all began with an insight by Ezio Agazzi and Giulio Sottocornola who started LTN in 1995, collaborating to create inflatable boats for various major brands until 2014, when LTN launched its first 18-footer. New models have arrived over time, including the 30 Quantum, which declines the range’s aesthetic flavor on a 9.30-meter vessel. The sporty dinghy imprint immediately emerges at first glance already from the squared lines of the console and T-top, which allow this rib to stand out in the market with distinctive, yet handsome features.

The maximum engine rating of 800 horsepower is combined with a very sharp hull with a midship step and an average deadrise of 29°. Marine aluminum 5083, the material of construction, is particularly light (the stated weight is just 1,500 kg) and capable of enhancing the speed qualities of this hull, which is capable of exceeding 50 knots of top speed. The tubulars are made of ORCA hypalon-neoprene and are tapered toward the bow. Despite its size and aggressive profile, comfort is still central. The bow sundeck takes advantage of all the available width, so that this is the favorite area for relaxation on board, being able to accommodate several people at once. In the stern, however, the key word is modularity, with a versatile cockpit that converts into a sundeck or table depending on what the needs of the moment are. In particular, the backs of this section can be pulled out and stowed away for open space even aft. What is surprising, or rather, not expected on this vessel are the two berths below deck in a cabin that goes up to a maximum height of 175 centimeters, equipped with a chemical or electric toilet.

LTN - LTN 30 Quantum
LTN – LTN 30 Quantum


Ribco Venom 34 [9 .98 m]

A passion for speed underlies every Ribco model, a shipyard established in 1995. Take an offshore hull and put on a med-boat, i.e., Mediterranean boat deck, and you have one of these super inflatable boats. This, however, is only the tip of the iceberg of a much more structured and deeper project. In just under 30 years, Ribco has produced more than 500 inflatable boats plying the seas around the world. Among the newest is the Venom 34, equipped with a two-step hull designed by Lorne Campbell and capable of developing more than 65 knots of top speed with two 350-horsepower Mercury V8 outboards and also having low fuel consumption. Thus configured at 4500 rpm it actually touches an impressive 47 knots with an overall hourly consumption of 98 liters, relatively low for the segment. In addition, there is the matter of seaworthiness, a strong point of Ribco, whose motto is that “all inflatable boats can go fast, but only very few can do so in all conditions” .

Indeed, the Ribcos aim to be among those very few, on the strength of a deep-V hull developed precisely with Campbell.The Venom 34, 9.98 meters in length, is the smallest in the Venom range and is designed with an aft lounging area with sundeck. In the middle of the boat, under a 100 percent carbon-fiber T-Top is the helm station with, as standard, two cushioned seats and a three-seat bench with wet-bar.As standard features we then find a cabin with a curtain under the bow sundeck, a toilet with sink inside the console, and an on-board shower system with fresh and salt water. Everything is studied down to the smallest detail, from the driving position to the finish of the upholstery, to create the perfect mix of an “extreme” dinghy in terms of performance and quality with luxury tender standards.

Ribco Venom 34 - Navigation
Ribco – Venom 34


Envy 1200 Outboard Scanner [12 m]

After the inboard version, the Scanner Envy 1200 finds its final consecration in its new version, the outboard, powered by three Mercury 450Rs capable of generating very interesting speeds. In addition, as always, the Piedmontese shipyard offers solutions designed and manufactured in-house in Italy, true to a pure “made in Italy” idea. And this is not only about the quality of the product, but also about the customization possibilities that Scanner provides (materials, colors, propulsion). For example, the entire decking can be covered with natural teak or synthetic teak on a typical walkaround layout dominated in the center by a wet-bar with a stove, sink, and refrigerator on one side and dashboard seating on the other.

Compared to the inboard version, there is reduced space at the extreme stern, but easy access to the water is still possible thanks to two side decks at the engines. The focal point of this model is the livability of the deck, and for this reason the sundeck is equipped with a transformable backrest that enriches the cockpit and allows up to 8 people to be seated during meals.There is a second sundeck in the bow that is open to the sea compared to the cockpit, which is more protected and enveloping, also covered by a hard-Top or T-Top.Finally, in addition to a deep-V hull that holds the sea well and allows for safe pursuit of performance, the interior makes this dinghy an excellent weekend cruiser, thanks to an underdeck where we find an elegant companionway with sofa, a bathroom with separate shower stall, and a king-size bed in the bow.

Envy 1200 outboard scanner
Envy 1200 outboard scanner


Marlin 40 [12 .05]

Power, stability, control and comfort find their synthesis in a 40-foot, 900-horsepower outboard capable of reaching 55 knots, but also keeping at cruising speeds (27 knots) under 90 liters per hour overall: the Marlin 40. The exterior lines make this dinghy from the Luisago shipyard immediately recognizable, and the standard equipment already includes solid 8-mm teak total covering and full cushioning in closed cell and Silvertex upholstery. Although born with a dayboat deck, this rib features both a top hull (with two steps) and significant below-deck spaces.The central cabin provides a king-size double bed, two seats with backrests, and a closet cabinet. Standard features include a very spacious separate bathroom with shower and cabinet with Corian sink and countertop. This makes it possible to both experience the Marlin 40 as a day boat and as a weekender.

The key word is comfort, both when sailing even on a formed sea and when at anchor. The aft area of this maxi rib is designed in an interesting way: in fact on one level there is a large platform with space on both sides as well. This ensures that, despite the presence of the three outboards, there is full enjoyment of an area of about five square meters for direct access to the sea with the entire rear area of the boat designed on one level, with advantages in terms of freedom of movement and safety. At the same time, the tubular fabric, made of 1600 dtex fabric, creates wraparound masonry that is suitable even when there are children on board. The modular sundeck converts to a dining area, allowing the cockpit to be managed as needed, all served by a wet-bar with cutting board, 90-liter refrigerator, sink, and a cabinet, protected by a roof based on a stainless steel superstructure. A second sunbathing area with a sofa in front is located in the bow. The dashboard, on the other hand, has two single but particularly comfortable and well-protected seats.

Marlin 40'
Marlin 40′

Joker Clubman 44 [13 .5 m]

Knowing one’s history is crucial to evolving in the right way. They know it well at Joker, which after the Clubman 22 Plus, born from the legendary Clubman 22, presents a real novelty, the Clubman 44, debuting this year, the first Joker to put on…wings. This new rib definitely projects the Cologno Monzese brand into the maxi segment because, at 13.5 meters, it will be the new flagship. The combination of exceptional livability above and below deck makes this the right boat for both day at sea and short cruises. But there’s more: from the colors of the tubulars, cushions and even the stitching, the walking surface and the colors of the deck and hull, the choice is all yours!

In short, the new Clubman 44 will be a truly customizable model to the max. On board one can undoubtedly appreciate the width of the walkways at every point thanks to a 4.55-meter beam that becomes 5.60 at the side terraces (or wings) when opened. We anticipated earlier that this Joker is also a “cruiser.” The two separate cabins make it possible to stay even longer on board: the master stateroom is positioned in the bow and offers respectable volumes both up and down with a king-size bed (2 m), closets and chest of drawers, beauty corner and TV. In the stern, on the other hand, there is a guest cabin that can accommodate two children in two separate beds or can become a double if needed. A bathroom with separate shower stall and overhead shower head completes the interior.


Joker Clubman

Pirelli 50 Tecnorib [15 .2 m]

Developed by Tecnorib, Pirelli’s brand licensee, the new Pirelli 50 is the brand’s latest walkaround inflatable boat, and all the strengths of its accumulated experience are concentrated in it: deck-plane habitability and enviable performance, with additional focus on mid-range cruising. Skillfully blending a sporty two-step hull with a livable and luxurious interior was the Mannerfelt Design Team, with whom Tecnorib has now been carrying on a fruitful collaboration for some time. On the profile level, Ted Mannerfelt, now head of Mannerfelt Studio, worked on the lines with one goal: to make a dinghy “that looked fast even when stationary.” How? With taut tubular lines and sharp deckhouse cuts, softened by the hard-top with a sinuous profile.

Powered by two 600-horsepower Mercury Verado V12s, the new Pirelli 50 is capable of touching 50 knots of speed, thanks yes to the engines, but also to the hull, because brute power is obviously not enough, and the Ocke Mannerfelt-designed hull thus plays a key role. On deck, however, there is a sundeck equipped with a pantograph backrest, a dinette with a coffee table, extendable on both sides. The wet bar has a sink, cooktop with two induction burners, three refrigerators, and ice machine. The dashboard has three seats, with tilting elements and located in an elevated position. There is a second sundeck in the bow and a sofa in the forward triangle opposite. To conclude its also cruiser spirit, below deck there are two double cabins, double in the bow and one with twin beds in the aft area. Also below deck, we find a beautifully designed bathroom area, complete with toilet, sink, and an elegant built-in shower.

PIRELLI 50 Tecnorib
PIRELLI 50 Tecnorib


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