Toy 51 Fly, timeless beauty boat is now full of technology


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Toy 51 Fly Ph: Guido Cantini

If you’re looking for the latest fashion boat, the Toy 51 Fly is the right option for you. But if you’re interested in to the true essence of yachting, read and find out.

Toy 51 Fly
Savona, Italy Toy Marine 51 Fly Ph: Guido Cantini

Toy 51 Fly

Aldo Tomasina, founder of the shipyard with Alessandro Novella, phones me and says “Now that the lockdown is over, why don’t you come and visit the Toy 51 Fly in our Savona-based headquarters? You’ve always liked Toy yachts but this is really special”. I accept and take the opportunity to come back to the sea after several months. I get the shipyard on a beautiful sunny morning. Aldo is waiting for me, the boat is on the travel lift, waiting for the launch. We take a coffee and put the boat in the water for its debut.

I have always liked the boats that immediately convey a feeling of great seaworthiness and stability. And this stepped V-hull actually makes me feel safe. After all, the rules of a good hull are always the same. On the contrary, when it comes to propulsion and maneuverability in the port, things are different and innovation is welcome.
So, I stop and admire the Volvo IPS 800 engines (twin IPS 600HP) that have revolutionized yachting, making everything incredibly easier and more user-friendly thanks to the new steering control system.


Toy 51 Fly
Savona, Italy
Toy Marine 51 Fly
Ph: Guido Cantini

The boat is finally in the water. I admire it. Also (founder of the shipyard along with Alessandro Novella in 2002) is true: I have always liked Toy yachts. When I saw the drawing of the first Toy 36 in 2003 at Nau- ta Yachts studio in Milan, I immediately fell in love with it. Mario Pe- dol, owner of the studio along with Massimo Gino, showed me the details. But I wasn’t listening to him. I was fascinated by those harmonious lines which, inspired by the American boats of the 1930s, recalled all the stylistic features of classic yachting. However, for me, it is the unchanging standards that define a beautiful timeless boat. Like the Porsche 911, which innovates without changing nothing. I like Toy yachts because they have not allowed themselves to be changed by the trend of lateral windows.

I climb on board and get the cockpit. I like this large open space and the large sofa on the transom. I lie down on one of the two sun pads. It’s great. Aldo invites me to climb on the flybridge. After all, the main innovation of this boat is just the fly. Featuring essential lines and extremely useful, it offers a comfortable helm station with an excellent view on both the boat and the sea. The access ladder is great, convenient during any docking maneuver. I’m very satisfied with this boat. After all, Toy Marine boasts a very long shipbuilding experience, with over 50 boats built over years. The interiors include two guest cabins, a master cabin and a crew one. In detail, the master cabin is really cozy and comfortable. The crew cabin features a private separate access from the cockpit.

Toy 51 Fly
Toy 51 Fly

I come back to the deck. We take a juice on the sofa, sheltered by the top, and enjoy the view of the open-air lounge. The helm station draws my attention, equipped with analog instruments, a maxi Chartplotter and a really comfortable control panel.

Toy 51 Fly
Toy 51 Fly

Aldo takes the helm. We leave the port and head for the island of Bergeggi. The sea is flat, Aldo pushes the gas throttles all forward and the boat quickly reaches a top speed of 30 knots. The Toy 51 Fly is always perfectly stable and I suppose she might be even more exciting on a rough sea. We return to the port and get the travel lift without difficulties.
The boat will be subjected to an anti-fouling treatment before being delivered to its owner.

The new Toy 51 underway. Power comes from twin Volvo IPS 800 D8, 600 Hp engines which deliver a top and a cruising speed of 30 and 26 knots respectively.




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