Trump and the world’s most famous yacht. He bought it and made 30 million from it


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Between elections, investigations, and indictments, those who know Trump know that the quintessential American tycoon needs a little diversion. And for the New York billionaire. leisure means only one thing: doing business. Like the time he made one of his best deals on a boat.

Back then, in 1989, it was the world’s most famous yacht that he bought for just under $30 million. And he resold it for 59 million!

Trump and the deal of a lifetime: selling a superyacht

It was called Nabila, 86 meters (282 feet) long launched by Benetti shipyards in Viareggio in 1979, and was owned by Adnan Khashoggi, a Saudi oil tycoon and former lover of Italian actress Lory Del Santo.

Del Santo was then most famous in Italy for her sexy appearance in the film “Viva la foca” (1982), which aroused scandal by being seized from theaters after two weeks of showing due to the title’s too-clear sheepish innuendo. The tycoon gave the beautiful Lory a diamond worth several million dollars for a night of love.

When Khashoggi fell from grace in 1988 (and through no fault of Del Santo’s) he ceded Nabila in pledge to the Sultan of Brunei. Trump sniffed the deal. The sultan didn’t know what to do with that superyacht for rich Westerners, so when Trump offered him $29 million USD the sultan didn’t seem real about getting rid of it.

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Nabila becomes a casino

The future president of the United States, on the other hand, knew exactly what to do with the Nabila, immediately renamed Trump Princess. He turned it into a floating casino where guests could rest in the fabulous eleven very exclusive suites. Between a game of chemin de fer, a swim in the pool and a martini cocktail with olives, a holistic massage.

He resells it and makes $30 million from it

But not even a year passes when another very rich Arab arrives, Saudi Emir Al-Walid bin Talal (deceased in 2018) who wanted, immediately, a superyacht to house his innumerable family (with as many as 15 children). What better than the Trump Princess? Trump shot the figure of $70 million, the Arab sultan bargained. Trump eventually grossed $59 million with a net gain of $30 million. One of the best deals of his life he declared years later. He almost never set foot on that boat.

What boat is the Trump Princess

The boat in question, 86 meters long, is now called Kingdom 5KR. It was designed in 1977 by the most famous superyacht architect of the time, Australian John Bannemberg. Steel hull with aluminum superstructures and hull with a bulbous counterweight to keep it from rolling. It possesses five bridges and there is a heliport at the top.

The yacht

It is powered by two Northar Polar 16-cylinder engines with 3,000 horsepower each and reaches 18 knots. Thanks to 618,250 liters of fuel, it has a range of more than 7,200 miles. On a full tank it goes to and from the Atlantic without refueling. The interiors were designed by Italian architect Luigi Sturchio. At the time of launching, it could embark twenty-two guests and 52 crew.

The interior layout includes 11 guest cabins, including the owner’s, as well as cabins for the 52 crew members.

There is a hospital area with operating room and CT scan, cinema, two lounges, one of which is used as a disco, veranda, dining room, two kitchens, bakery, pantries capable of storing enough food to survive for 100 people for three months, video game room and an outside deck-the upper deck towards the bow-which is entirely reserved for the owner with a swimming pool and elevator (with a glass dome) that connects it directly to the owner’s cabin located two decks below, equipped with a private lounge, sauna and steam room.

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  1. Prince al Waleed Bin Talal is not dead and he has only two children a boy and a girl …

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