Upgrading on-board systems: here are the products to do it right


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Best boat accessories 2023 - Installations
Best boat accessories 2023 – Installations

The best implant accessories on board the boat of 2023

Among the most sensitive aspects aboard a boat are certainly the facilities. There have been many innovations in plumbing, electrical and heating systems in recent years, so it is good to update them with the best accessories. Here are some of the best new features of 2023.

Boat Plant Accessories 2023 – Oji Nautic UV Purifier – Boatique

TOP 2023 Accessories - Oji Nautic UV Purifier - Boatique
TOP 2023 Accessories – Oji Nautic UV Purifier – Boatique

There is a water purification system designed specifically for boating, it is called Oji Nautic, weighs only one kilogram, measures 16 centimeters and costs 650 euros. True, there were already many systems to purify water but they were all home-derived and therefore large, cumbersome and expensive. Now there is one that was created specifically for boating and is also environmentally friendly. The system is very easy to install and use, and the water is disinfected by UVC radiation and is ready to use.

Onboard systems: Obelis OB100 – Boatique

Onboard systems- Obelis OB100 - Boatique
Onboard systems- Obelis OB100 – Boatique

Obelis OB100 is the first marine compactor that allows trash to be reduced in size by more than 70 percent. It has a small footprint-22x39x44cm and 15 kg in weight-and runs on a standard 12V outlet with a maximum consumption of 4 amps. Once the lid is closed, the waste is compacted in seconds, and the compactor remains tightly closed, releasing no odors or boating substances.

Airtronic – Eberspaecher

Onboard systems - Airtronic - Eberspaecher
TOP 2023 Accessories – Airtronic – Eberspaecher

Eberspächer’s range of heaters consists of five models with different power levels: the system draws in fresh air from the same room or from outside and heats it by sending it through a piping circuit to the different cabins. Used in ventilation mode, it also allows rooms to be cooled during summer. The heater is connected to the on-board batteries and tank, and is characterized by its absolute quietness and extremely low electrical and fuel consumption.

SCU Series – Frigomar

TOP 2023 Accessories - SCU Series - Frigomar
TOP 2023 Accessories – SCU Series – Frigomar

Frigomar’s “SCU” series includes compact variable frequency (inverter) machines for air conditioning in the marine environment, which are innovative and highly appreciated especially for their very low power consumption. These machines with a compact and very lightweight design are 50 percent more energy efficient than on/off models and run quietly while maintaining a stable temperature. Thanks to the new touch-screen thermostat, it is super easy to manage temperature and operation modes: winter/summer, ventilation, night

Onboard systems: Nautical Automations – Gallinea

Onboard systems - Nautical Automations - Gallinea
TOP 2023 Accessories – Nautical Automations – Gallinea

Gallinea is an Italian company that with its brand iBoat – innovation for Boat – invests to bring increasingly functional innovations to the field of nautical automation. From automated drum opening and control systems to more complex solutions to control the entire hard top.



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