10 pearls from 2010: used boats not to be missed at all (7-21 m)


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used boats 2010
Itama Sixty

In 2010 Powerboats and the jury of the Powerboat of the Year award identified and named the best boats of the year, the best of all those produced and submitted. Gorgeous boats, undoubtedly iconic and well-executed, boats that we sometimes forget, however–or don’t. In our endeavor to offer news, insights and news related to the boating market, we cannot afford to forget about the past, and the great boats that have characterized it and continue to do so, keeping the interest and passion of so many alive. So here are 10 of the coolest boats of 2010, splendid designs not to be forgotten, and definitely to be treasured as splendid specimens on the used market.

10 used boats not to be missed


Frauscher 717 GT – 7 m

Its name also indicates its size: 7.17 meters. But it is surprising how much less than 10 meters can actually offer, especially in terms of pure enjoyment. The cockpit is like the cockpit of a spider, but this open has a lot to say even below the water level, just note the redan of the hull that, like a racing “missile,” gives speed and fabulous jumps over the water.

Frauscher 717 GT

Sessa Key Largo 27 – 8 m

No matter what the destination, the important thing is to get there comfortably. This seems to be the spirit of the Key Largo 27, an 8-meter open that nonetheless offers quite a bit more than meets the eye. Two wraparound seats make even just helming enjoyable, but to let yourself relax, the cockpit sofa provides a great lounge area, but don’t forget about the sundeck in the bow. Despite the open daily look, the Key Largo in question also offers a cabin with a double bed, an L-shaped sofa and a separate toilet room.

Sessa Key Largo 27

Boesch Deluxe – 9 m

Nine meters under the banner of vintage. This Runabout was born in Switzerland and made its own absolutely retro look, added to an unparalleled attention to detail, a dominant characteristic of Swiss industry. The depth of the cockpit and the effective windshield are masterful here, absurdly allowing one to helm even in a suit and tie and still arrive flawlessly at any event or appointment. A feature that was the child of a maniacal attention to ergonomics and design, which we see reflected throughout the design, to such an extent that a soft top identical to the convertibles of the 1960s was also planned…

Boesch Deluxe

Used boats: Boston Whaler 370 Outrage – 11 m

The offspring of the world’s most popular shipyard, Boston Whaler, it obviously carries with it its incredible build quality, not to mention its impressive marine qualities. And it is now depopulating in Europe as well. Here is an 11.40-meter fisher that can best encompass and represent the slimness of the pure open, yet also offer all the comfort of a small cabin cruiser.

Boston Whaler 370 Outrage

Gagliotta Lobster 45 – 11 m

The ancient American lobster boat, the iconic Downeaster, becomes an all-Italian boat (of 11 m) combining style and space, beautiful homegrown design. In the cockpit we find ample space, sofas and lockers, while the bow is occupied by a large deckhouse, which can also be used, however, as a sun deck. Of course, there is no shortage of space below deck, where we also find hidden remarkable engines, an ideal combo for combining comfort and enjoyment.

used boats Gagliotta Lobster 45
Gagliotta Lobster 45

Used boats: Absolute 42 – 12 m

It was the praise of versatility. On deck, the area under the superstructure can also be closed aft, resulting in a beautiful salon that can be completely insulated from the outside if necessary. A solution that leads this 12-meter back to the large open, especially since, even when it is all enclosed, the vastness of the glazed parts, always keeps the source of light and overview “open” to the outside. In any case, for outdoor living there is always the dinette in the cockpit, and for when you want some privacy, there is another one below deck, where there is also a galley and two cabins with bathrooms.

used boats 2010
Absolute 42 – 12 m

Rio 46 Art – 13 m

When Piergiorgio Scarani took over as designer for Rio Yachts, the shipyard’s classic opens saw several pleasing creative leaps introduced. And the Rio 46 Art in question is a worthy example. Observe the gray cushions: they almost look like aluminum, but instead are made of a fabric that is very pleasant to the touch. Also next to the tambour is another transparent section, which can also be opened, illuminating the interior living area even when it is all closed. More generally, the entire cockpit is a true and comfortable lounge to enjoy “hair in the wind,” whether alone or in company.

Rio 46 Art

Itama Sixty – 18 m

From the more than voluminous and cleared bow, the Itama Sixty still has a charm all its own, as sleek as the great runners of the past. An immense space intended for relaxation and comfort, ideal for enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. But the space does not stop at the deck, continuing into the interior in impressive volumes. In the same area of the lower deck is much of the living layout, which is divided into three cabins plus dinette and galley. The purity of the design reveals sharp lines that “pierce” the air to go even faster, testifying to the rebellious spirit of the hull to the utmost.

Itama Sixty

Used boats: Fairline Squadron 65 – 20 m

A single boat designed for the largest company outings. And what a boat! This 20-meter, was born in the British Fairline shipyard and offers a decidedly capacious fly, ideal for meals and aperitifs so much space is there. Inside, however, it is a riot of light, even in the sailor’s cabin, which can optionally become for guests. The long transparent sections that cut across the foredeck and transom speak volumes, and the salon is also designed in such a way that it can accommodate many people while maintaining a high level of on-board comfort. For overnight, however, there are 3 cabins that Squadron 65 has, of course, all with their own bathrooms.

Fairline Squadron 65

Sessa C68 – 21 m

Designed by Christian Grande, the Sessa C68 featured a decidedly forward, if not iconic, design. A care-packed 21 meters all to be discovered, detail by detail, characterized by such manic attention that new discoveries are presented in every nook and cranny. Already from the outside, the glance leads to the windows located on either side of the deckhouse, stretching out to the dunnage, a solution that in no way alters the fluidity of the profile, which remains pleasant to say the least. Detail that finds both aesthetic and practical value by allowing the salon to “trespass” outside.

used boats sessa c68
Sessa C68

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